Herold’s War

When soldiers came home from Vietnam they would be cursed at and spat upon. Now we just arrest them.

Pcf. Herold Noel, 25, wasn’t expecting a parade. But when he and his fellow soldiers from the Army’s Expeditionary Unit 37 arrived home from Iraq in Hinesville, Ga. they got what one might call less than a hero’s welcome. Waiting for them as they deplaned were local police officers. In their hands were lists of names of soldiers with outstanding warrants, mostly for traffic and parking tickets left unpaid while off fighting the war.

Retro Recipes, A Tribute to Awful Food


Mmm Tomato-Beer Soup/Daisy Loaf.

How can this possibly be? Have you ever seen the food people used to eat? According to Betty Crocker’s 1975 Step By Step Recipes, unflavored gelatin, canned soup, hot dogs and cheese are mandatory ingredients for most every meal.

I learned this a couple of years ago when I stumbled across an ancient box of glossy recipes cards at Value Village. I was curious. What did people used to eat? I vaguely remember my mother collecting the very same cards and after reading a few I got hooked. Recipes like Creamy Dried Beef Mold and Eggs in a Ring blew my mind. At best, these meals were dreadful and that recipe box lead to my hobby of collecting recipes cards and cookbooks from the 60’s & 70’s.



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