Vacationing After the Tsunami


Why should one of the most devastating tragedies in history stop them from getting a tan? More pics here.

I have received more than a few emails speculating on whether or not those photos were photoshopped. I have no idea if they were or not and we all should take anything we find on the web with a grain of salt. But I would not be surprised if they did turn out to be genuine especially after reading stories like this:

PHUKET, Thailand – While volunteers struggled to collect bodies washing up on the once-pristine beaches of this upscale resort isle, ghoulish tourists rolled out their towels yesterday, doffed their bikini tops and vacationed like nothing had happened.

On Patong Beach and Kata Beach – where hundreds died or disappeared four days ago – the smell of suntan lotion wafted from the shore as a new influx of tourists determinedly ignored the carnage around them, frolicking in the surf or reading under umbrellas.

An indignant Russian who arrived at the Novotel Phuket Resort on the day after the tsunami loudly complained that there was no champagne reception.

BBC News also has an article about it.



When Daniel Lee talks about making his fantastical man-beast portraits, he sounds more like a plastic surgeon than a photographer. “I have to change the eyeball from a human eyeball to an animal eyeball; I have to remove the eyebrows to make the nose broader,” he says matter-of-factly about the computer alterations he makes. What he ends up with are eerie portraits he calls “Manimals”, such as his recent “1949-Year of the Ox” and “1962-Year of the Tiger”.

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The Freshette


More adventures in female urination products. (I don’t want to see what my Google search word referrals will look like after that last sentence)

If you are active outdoor woman you know what a hassle it can be trying to urinate when restrooms are unsanitary or unavailable. Having to get halfway undressed, exposing yourself to the elements and embarrassments.

That is were Sports Freshette comes in handy and plays a vital role, allowing you to go while standing, requiring minimal or no undressing.

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