A list of resignation speeches and letters throughout history.

October 10, 1973

Dear Mr. President:

As you are aware, the accusations against me cannot be resolved without a long, divisive and debilitating struggle in the Congress and in the Courts. I have concluded that, painful as it is to me and to my family, it is in the best interests of the Nation that I relinquish the Vice Presidency.

Accordingly, I have today resigned the Office of Vice President of the United States. A copy of the instrument of resignation is enclosed.

It has been a privilege to serve with you. May I express to the American people, through you, my deep gratitude for their confidence in twice electing me to be Vice President.


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Do dogs see AIBO, Sony’s four-legged robot, as a conspecific?


Interesting but make sure you take a look at this video if you watch nothing else from this site.

We are conducting a series of exploratory studies on animal robot interactions in collaboration with the ethology group of the University of Eötvös University (Hungary). The purpose of these experiments is to investigate, from an ethological point of view, how much dogs see AIBO as a conspecific. The questions adressed are: what is the influence on the dog’s reactions of movement, smell, presence or absence of eyes, sounds, etc.