The Rise of American Fascism


Very long article.

Before getting to that though it has to be clear that this is not about proving that something is good or bad, or trying to demonize American policy by associating it with fascism. In some respects American fascism could be considered “benevolent fascism.” The rise of fascism in America was a multi-faceted process that took place over time, and was really a part of a larger trend in the 20th century that included other nations as well. As was stated in Part I, fascism developed as a solution to perceived social and economic problems from a certain perspective, a “right-wing” perspective. This is an analysis of American policy and society and its correlations with fascist ideology as described in Part I of this series:

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A Dio-Story


Kind of neat actually.

From Idea, to hand written form, to finished product, this Dio-Story took two months to complete.
In my efforts to make interesting, off-the-beaten-path Diorama-Stories, I turned to one of my favorite genres- the living dead! So, what I did with this one was essentially toss some G.I.Joe team members into the familiar boundaries already set up by George Romero and Len Barnhart (Slow plotting zombies that can only be destroyed by brain trauma. I even threw in fast zombies from the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead.

Star Wars Fan Already In Line 22 Months Early

From Komo News:

Jeff Twieden doesn’t care that it’s freezing outside. He’s camping out in front of the Cinerama Theater in downtown Seattle, waiting for Episode Three to open. It’s only 22 weeks away.

“I’ve got another sleeping bag coming, so that’s sleeping bag number three,” he says. “It’s better to be too hot than too cold.”

And you can’t stand in line for 22 weeks without setting up a blog about it.