Hamster Powered Night Light


The Otherpower.com staff thought of building a hamster-powered nightlight a couple years ago at a rather, uh, soused company Christmas party. Then recently Analise, an 8th grader from Albuquerque, NM, contacted DanF through the AllExperts.com Science For Kids forum, asking ‘Can a rodent generate enough electricity to power a light by running on it’s wheel?’ That was enough inspiration for us to start the project, and we soon added Skippy the Hamster to the Otherpower.com payroll. He’s a Syrian Hamster, and we chose that breed since they are nocturnal and like to run on the exercise wheel.

Philip K. Dick Letters on EBay

A lady who corresponded with Philip K. Dick is putting up about 180 pages of the letters for sale on EBay.

I am someone–who I am is unimportant–w/ whom Philip K. Dick corresponded–someone who wonders if you, too, were part of his intended audience when he was writing me the 60-plus letters–about 200 pages, mostly single-spaced typed– he did (a few have been published in selected portions of his quest (his Exegesis) and correspondence (the Underwood series)). These letters chronicle his “long inner trip” and were for the most part written while he was writing the real Valis (click here to see these letters in a spatial temporal context).

The starting bid was $1,000.
(via Boing Boing)