NFL Playoffs

The NFL’s post season is starting up this weekend and my beloved Patriots have a bye week. Most likely they will play the Indianapolis Colts and there is much speculation to a rematch between Brady vs. Manning. puts to rest the speculation of who the better quarterback really is in a stat packed article comparing both quarterbacks. It isn’t even a question according to them.

Brady’s superiority over Manning is built upon the foundation of each player’s postseason performances. Quite simply, Manning, as we have long noted, is the Picasso of Choke Artists, the Betty Ford of Chokeaholics and the Al Choker of glib pigskin weathermen.

Brady, meanwhile, has already proven to be one of the great clutch performers in postseason history and has the Super Bowl rings, Super Bowl records and Super Bowl MVP awards to prove it.

For all of Manning’s brilliant regular-season fireworks in recent years, he has choked every year he’s been in the playoffs. That’s right. Every year. Don’t believe us? Come, take a drive down Manning’s postseason memory lane. But roll up the windows and lock the doors. It’s an ugly neighborhood.


  1. i am so excited for the postseason…brady is king, but he has been making some stupid plays lately….or have i just been so used to him playing so so well that any error seems to be stupid? anyways, our running game is king(FINALLY!!), bruschi is king,…. the whole team ROCKS DA HOUSE!

  2. I will believe it when I see it. Manning has won one playoff game in his career and chokes during the big games. Every year he looks good during the season (granted this year he was great beating mediocre teams) only to lose during the playoffs in a grandiose way. Time will tell.

  3. Manning will not do it at New England or Pittsburgh. I guarantee that.

    And if he plays the Steelers, he’ll be lucky to see the field. They’ll ball-control the Colts to death. They did against New England, Philly, and that vaunted Ravens’ defense. Their 4th string running back gained over 100 yards against Buffalo.

    The COlts defense isn’t the type that’s going to have success against the Steelers.

  4. Scorchy I agree with you 100%. The Steelers are the only team I fear the Pats can lose to in the playoffs this year. That team scares me more than any other team in the playoffs. Manning against Belichek always ends up with Manning throwing desperation passes and getting picked off. History is on the Pats side with this.

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