Pavement Terror

How annoying.

Briefly, some years ago I had a delivery job in Southampton, England (I won’t say what I was delivering or for whom). It was very boring and badly paid but I soon found a way of livening it up.

I discovered that the van I had to drive could very easily be persuaded to produce very loud, frightening backfires as and when I wanted it to (I’m not telling you how, find out for yourselves) and as I’ve always been keen on photography, I tried an experiment.

I mounted a camera, pointing backwards, from the back window of the van and operated it with a cable-release long enough to be operated whilst driving. I would make the van backfire and photograph the frightened mayhem I’d created as I drove past. Out of (partial) consideration for my fellow man, I avoided pensioners, dentists’ surgeries and gynaecologists.

(Thanks Jabberwocky)

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  1. I wonder how old those pictures are – a couple of the women are wearing cool-lots(sp?). I haven’t seen those in years. An absolutely horrid fashion trend.

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