Entrances to Hell

This site has a list of entrances to hell in the UK. I searched the site looking for exactly what he meant by an entrance to hell and found this answer.

Our experts in Europe and doctors in America define an entrance into hell as any access to and from the underworld, found anywhere on the surface of the earth, which is or has been regularly used by Beelzebub and his armies during the last 97 centuries or so.

See, it was more literal than you thought.

Pavement Terror

How annoying.

Briefly, some years ago I had a delivery job in Southampton, England (I won’t say what I was delivering or for whom). It was very boring and badly paid but I soon found a way of livening it up.

I discovered that the van I had to drive could very easily be persuaded to produce very loud, frightening backfires as and when I wanted it to (I’m not telling you how, find out for yourselves) and as I’ve always been keen on photography, I tried an experiment.

I mounted a camera, pointing backwards, from the back window of the van and operated it with a cable-release long enough to be operated whilst driving. I would make the van backfire and photograph the frightened mayhem I’d created as I drove past. Out of (partial) consideration for my fellow man, I avoided pensioners, dentists’ surgeries and gynaecologists.

(Thanks Jabberwocky)



This looked really interesting until I saw how much they are charging.

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