How to Argue With Females

13 guidelines for arguing with women. Before sending me hate mail remember I didn’t write it.

Step 1. Abandon all logic. Girls don’t use it, and you certainly shouldn’t allow it to handicap you.

Step 2. If you believe strongly in something, do NOT give in to any aspect of it. Compromise is useless against girls, because they will rationalize that if they can get you to concede to one element, they can get you to quit on the whole fuckin’ Periodic Table. (Nothing like a little chemistry humor, right?)

Step 3. Don’t be afraid to take cheap shots. Ever argue with a girl about something and they randomly insult you with something that has no relevance to the argument? That’s their way of trying to wear you down and push you off-topic. Fight fire with fire, I say. Tell her she has a fat ass, small boobs, an ugly face, disorienting facial hair, unwieldy hips, and is a genuinely awful person.


  1. The article is funny, but what is even funnier is the comments. Women getting all offended because they have no sense of humor. Other women earnestly admonishing them because THEY have no sense of humor. And best of all, the guys who are all, “Yeah, exactly!” Water finds its own level and maybe if they weren’t such losers they wouldn’t know so many psychotic, dumb bitches.

  2. There has to be an article written about how females should argue with males out there somewhere. I wonder if guys would get as irked in the comments.

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