Tropical Islands Dome


A tropical island in the middle of Germany (albeit in a dome)! Watch out Bermuda.

The Tropical Islands dome has a ground surface of 66,000 square meters. With a length of 360 meters, a width of 210 meters and a height of 107 meters, it is large enough to host 8 entire soccer fields.

Even the New York Statue of Liberty (93 meters) could stand upright in it, and the Paris Eiffel Tower (322 meters) could lie in it. The Dome offers enough space for the skyline of Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz including the Sony Centre, the gatehouse and the Daimler Chrysler skyscraper.

The impressive system of indirect lighting of the former CargoLifter dome was originally designed for industrial needs. Together with the new UV penetrable membrane on the south side, it simulates tropical sunlight perfectly, everyday between 6am to 6pm. The light and warmth let the plants grow well and also allow the visitors to gain a healthy suntan.


  1. I saw some features on this project in the news. It’s destined to fail.

    1. The dome was actually built for a company which wanted to build new versions of the so called “Zeppelin” airships. Anyone remember the “Hindenburg”-desaster in New York 1937? (This site even has the live-audio from a NY-reporter Anyway, the company went bankrupt, incl. a massive loss of hundreds of million of Euros.

    2. The dome was then bought by a Thai investor and he put about 100 million Euros in the tropical island project but reports are that the “tropic jungle” consists of a few dried trees (just take a closer look at the posted picture by Chris).

    3. It was set up in a remote and not-so-populated area of Germany. Who will want to spend his vacation there? So this is another cash-grave… 😉

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Elias. The problem with being in a dome is that even though you have climate control, psychologically you are aware that you are inside at all times.

    Not to mention the fact that nobody is going to travel to Germany for a tropical vacation.

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