Children Review Old Video Games

I officially feel old.

Donkey Kong is “lame.” Tetris is “boring.” Space Invaders “needs a superbomb or something.” And why play Pong when it’s more fun to “jump up and down on one foot”? Hey, save your irate letters–we didn’t say this stuff. The nostalgia-nuking commentary is from EGM’s November 2003 issue, in which we had kids of the PlayStation generation playtest classic games from the ’70s and ’80s. Mortified gaming grown-ups wrote in to call it blasphemy–and call these outspoken scamps a name that rhymes with “brittle truckers.”

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  1. Sheesh. Kids these days. But I like that Rachel girl:
    “I like this game.”
    “I like actual humans better than videogame characters.”
    “I actually think this game is kinda cool.”

    And my favorite comment…
    “I’m not really one who likes eating people.”

    Now there’s a girl with some sensibility.

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