Unlikely Stories of 2004

Every year, thousands of news stories get overlooked, lost in the welter of major international events.

They are, for the most part, simple tales of a human dimension, not involving war, disaster or political unrest, just stories which illustrate the extraordinary in the everyday, the amusing, the absurd, the often lurid and the downright bizarre.

Such as:

CHISINAU, Moldova: The president of first division football club Roso saw red when the referee awarded a penalty against his team, so he leaped into his jeep, drove it on to the pitch and tried to run the hapless official down. Mikhail Makayev chased the astonished referee around the ground for several minutes until he escaped by clambering up into the stands. The match was abandoned and Roso’s opponents Poitekhnik were awarded the game 3-0.

American Slave Narratives


There is nothing quite like learning about history through the voices and words of the people who lived it. Here are some great narratives and interviews with ex-slaves. A few of them, such as the interview with Fountain Hughes quoted below, have audio clips.

Me? Which I’d rather be? You know what I’d rather do? If I thought, had any idea, that I’d ever be a slave again, I’d take a gun an’ jus’ end it all right away. Because you’re nothing but a dog. You’re not a thing but a dog. Night never comed out, you had nothing to do. Time to cut tobacco, if they want you to cut all night long out in the field, you cut. An’ if they want you to hang all night long, you hang, hang tobacco. It didn’ matter bout you tired, being tired. You’re afraid to say you’re tired. They just, well [voice trails off]