22+ year old Jeep rescues Hummer H2 in parking lot


As an ex-Jeep owner I found this pretty amusing.

Well, after sitting there a while and digging his rear tires further into the ground, he apparently got some help from a Liberty owner. They apparently tried using 2 of the “dangerous” type tow straps with metal hooks on them. They had the Liberty hooked up to the straps but I don’t think they were successful in yanking him off the stump. So, before someone got hurt with those type straps , I offered up my looped tow strap and D ring. As I walked over there to bring it to them, the devilish side of me took over and said the following:

“I will let you use my tow strap, but you have to let me use my Jeep to pull you off of it.” At that point, the H2 owner, sighed and shook his head and agreed.

(via Memepool)