Worst Christmas Gift Ever?


I work in a small office where it is traditional to give a small $5 to $10 dollar gift to each of our coworkers. (There are five of us.) One of my coworkers is gone for the week so she left my gift on my desk in a can with a small note saying Warning!! Homemade Present! (Pictured above). I opened the can and found inside something that perhaps may be the worst christmas gift ever given in recorded history. A Rubberband Ball???!!????


Am I missing something here? Since when did taking office supplies and fashioning them into some geometric shape become something that you can pass off to a fellow coworker as a gift? To me it seems like she is saying, “I hate you so much that I am just going to give you a lump of rubber.” Am I off on this? Has anybody received something worse than elastics for Christmas?

Is this the worst gift ever?
Worst gift ever.
I’ve received worse.
It isn’t so bad.
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If you chose I’ve received worse, please put in the comments what it was. You have me curious.


  1. you would break a heart for the sake of this too easy opportunity to indulge your celebrated cynicism?

    you ungrateful wretch.

  2. Nicola,
    How do you know this wasn’t a rewrap 😉

    Perhaps I should use gold paint on the paperclips?


    Mister Anchovy,
    It does bounce. I realized this when I threw it in the garbage and it bounced right out.

    Bah, Humbug!

  3. CJ, Not yet because I am going to hold onto it for a bit to show a few friends who don’t believe me and to be honest I am a bit afraid of what is at the center of that. I will take it apart when I post the poll results later this week for closure.

  4. Well, last year the head of our office gave me a stuffed vibrating cat. Obviously, he didn’t think through the implications of this.

    But still, a rubberband ball is incredibly lame, and next year she should get a paperclip animal from you in return.

  5. My perspective is that $5-10 per gift for 4 co-workers might very well be a burden for an individual respsponsible for a family at home. Maybe it’s the office “tradition” that should be examined.

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