Linus Pauling Research Notebooks


As with many scientists, Linus Pauling utilized bound notebooks to keep track of the details of his research as it unfolded. A testament to the remarkable length and diversity of Dr. Pauling’s career, the Pauling Papers holdings include forty-six research notebooks spanning the years of 1922 to 1994 and covering any number of the scientific fields in which Dr. Pauling involved himself. In this regard, the notebooks contain many of Pauling’s laboratory calculations and experimental data, as well as scientific conclusions, ideas for further research and numerous autobiographical musings.

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U.S. Drug Control Timeline

Nice timeline but there seems to be a few holes.

The legal control of psychoactives in the United States began soon after the country was formed. Within a few years of the ratification of the Constitution, the first drug control measure was approved by Congress in the form of a tax on the production of whiskey.

Over the next 200 years, the federal government continued to increase these controls, growing increasingly bold in the interpretation of its powers. Restrictions were put in place out of a combination of legitimate health concerns, puritan ethics, corporate goals, and xenophobic attitudes.