Soviet Spacecraft Pennants


Soviet lunar and planetary probes carried metallic pennants to be deposited on other planets. These were highly durable, titanium with thermoresistant polysiloxane enamels, capable of surviving intact even on the surface of Venus. Artistically interesting, they can provide clues to the identity of spacecraft in photographs or even the purpose of unpublicized missions. A few dozen of each type are minted, to be installed on spacecraft and handed out to a few VIPs and top scientists.

Half Life 2 Homemade Cookie Cutter


Neat but seems like too much work.

Yesterday I recieved my Collector’s edition box of halflife 2. I had expected something smaller and definitely better designed rather then just a tin-box with a dvd, t-shirt and a small book tossed in there. Anyhow, the first thing that came to mind was the fact that they had sent me a cookie-box and after getting such a strong feeling I simply couldn’t just let it go, something had to be done.