Little People (Demon) Village


From Mia’s Journal comes a cool tour of this:

In Middlebury, CT, in the middle of the woods, there’s this amazingly creepy abandoned house/ruins. According to story, there once lived in this secluded house a couple. One day, the husband began hearing these demonic whispery voices in his head, so what does he do? Of course, he did the logical thing to do: He built a … DEMON MIDGET VILLAGE in order to house all the voices. Not only did he build an entire village consisting of highly-detailed, tiny stone houses 2-5 feet tall, but he also built a stone throne in order to actually rule over this demon midgetville. At some point, his wife sat in his throne, so he murdered her in it, probably with an axe because we’re talking about the woods here. Now legend says that if one sits in the demon-midgetville-ruling stone, you’ll die within 7 years. This whole area is known to the locals as Little People’s Village.

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