1. I’m first in line to buy those.

    My favourite is the one that you used.
    How many times have I been behind someone who is breaking with a clear road ahead of them?
    Too many.
    I often wonder what is going on in their heads, because often they are in the fast lane.
    I wonder if they look at their speedometer and realize that they are 5 or 10km over the speed limit and panic, or what?

  2. Nothing can drive a person crazier than being behind one of these freaks.

    The weird thing is that they do it when you aren’t expecting it. I was once behind somebody who kept tapping on a straight away and when we got to some curves I played a little game where I tried to predict when he would brake for the curve. The bastard never did. How can you brake on a straight away but accelerate while going around a curve? Grrr.

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