New Feature! Cynical-C Forum


I am constantly looking for ways to improve this blog. (By constantly I mean every 6 months or so) It never ceases to amaze me when my hit counters go up. When I first started this site I would get six hits a day and one year later I am getting closer to a thousand hits a day. On the weekends I get about half of that which makes sense since I believe that most people surf here from the office and I also don’t post during the weekends. The one way I thought I may be able to improve the blog a bit and give back to those readers who would like to participate a bit more than a casual comment or submission would be to create a forum. I am not sure how well it will work on this blog but the worst case scenario would be that nobody goes on it while the best case scenario is that people are able to go on to it and post links or rants and have a good time so I decided to give it a try. I am curious to see how well it fares since my blog has always been a bit schizophrenic, linking a serious article on one post to one about tampon slippers on the next.

I am using phpBB which is very easy to set up and is the right price (free).

If you come across an interesting link on any subject or if you just want to rant about something found on this blog or elsewhere, feel free to register for the forum. I have made it possible to read the forum without registration but you will have to give a valid email address to register and post anything. I would rather not do it that way but with the trouble I have had with comment spam I figured it would be for the best.

Enjoy and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

The 10 Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time

This is very funny. My favorite was A Canadian Christmas with David Cronenberg (1986)

Faced with Canadian content requirements but no new programming, the Canadian Broadcasting Company turned to Canadian director David Cronenberg, hot off his success with Scanners and The Fly, to fill the seasonal gap. In this 90-minute event, Santa (Michael Ironside) makes an emergency landing in the Northwest Territories, where he is exposed to a previously unknown virus after being attacked by a violent moose. The virus causes Santa to develop both a large, tooth-bearing orifice in his belly and a lustful hunger for human flesh, which he sates by graphically devouring Canadian celebrities Bryan Adams, Dan Ackroyd and Gordie Howe on national television. Music by Neil Young.

Space-Age Ant Farm


Too Cool!

This miraculous gel, derived from a NASA Space experiment, serves as both habitat and nutrition for your ants – allowing you to watch in awe as they turn a brick of aqua-blue gel into a fascinating colony of tunnels. Never before have you been so capable of watching these awesome creatures at work.