1. definately would have been more impressed if he had eaten it between the buns instead of a few patties at a time. those pix are truly gross…i only counted 18 burgers on the receipt…or maybe i haven’t had enough coffee…

  2. The receipt was confusing so I tried counting the patties themselves which is even more confusing since some look fused together or hidden behind an orgy of cheese.

    Perhaps he is on the Atkins diet(he better throw that bun away)

  3. The Fat Guy next to him must have been his sponsor, years of dedicated training have paid off.

    I got half way down the pictures and the grease/cheese/beef soup made me want to vomit, I’m still holding it back.

    On another note, Bush ruined my day yesterday because his security in Ottawa made driving horrific, but he did thank us for waving at him with all five fingers.

  4. FAT ALERT!!! Seriously, not that I am a health freak or something, but that thing just screams in bright neon colours – FAT FAT FAT.

    Heh, if I gave the one finger salute when Bush was here in Singapore last year, I would have been hauled off by the police I think. =P

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