Grover is Bitter


We need more of these “Behind the Music” type sites.

To millions of children throughout the world in the seventies and eighties, that name was synonymous with a funny, cuddly and ultimately loveable fuzzy blue monster from Sesame Street. For many of us, Grover was hands-down the best character on the show: bringing laughter, intelligence and a certain irreverence not seen in other 2-dimensional children’s programs of the day. And he was cute, too.

But what many of us didn’t see behind that brave exterior was a monster cowering in the face of his own insecurities, a monster so unsure of himself he wouldn’t even watch his own performances, and a monster who ultimately allowed his own weaknesses to overcome him and nearly ruin his career. A genius, a tyrant, a womanizer or just a washed-up drunk? It’s time to expose Grover- the monster behind the myth.

Citizen Journalists

There is a demo online for Wikinews, a collaborative free-content news source. They already have about 90 articles online and so far it looks fairly interesting such as the article about the girl who has been charged for murdering her own mother and who wrote about it on her livejournal account. Her last post is fairly chilling.

Just to let everyone know, my mother was murdered.

I won’t have computer acess (sic) until the weekend or so because the police took my computer to go through the hard drive. I thank everyone for their thoughts and e-mails, I hope to talk to you when I get my computer back.