Screw you, America

Terrific essay. Here is a taste.

Okay, you want God? Let’s talk about God. Your religion is bogus. Fundamentalism, the facile belief in the unexplained and un-researched, is something you born-agains (couldn’t get it right the first time, huh?) share with Al Qaeda, whose ideologues doggedly adhere to religious misinterpretations every bit as silly and dangerous as yours. Just like you, Muslim fundamentalists long to impose an unrealistic and intolerant pseudo-Calvinist morality on the world. In fact, America’s religious right has so much in common with the Shiah, it’s a wonder you guys don’t invite them to join the Rotary. Born-againsters look for the face of Christ in the wallpaper; fundamentalist Muslims hallucinate the voice of the 12th Imam; but aside from that (and extremely divergent attitudes toward pork), you both hate the same stuff–homosexuality, pacifism, Jews, education, uppity women, enlightenment, short skirts, gangsta rap, tattoos, infidels. … (They also share your love of super-lethal weaponry.)


  1. Ouch! But the truth hurts eh? Harsh but I cannot agree more. I have drawn similarities between the Muslim Fundamentalists and Christian Right wayyy before the elections.

    The first half of the article kinda reminds me of Antonio Gramsci and his idea of hegemony. Someone in the US actually told me that Bush et al are NOT using the media to their advantage; rather, those who want to be in power are the ones maniuplating the media instead. My eyes nearly pop out of their socket. Guess he does not think much about conflict theories. That was probably how the 51% thought of also I suppose. Shit, that’s fcking sad man.

    And yeah, screw Wal-mart. No way are we on this side of the world wanting to provide fcking slave labour so that fcking Wal-mart can generate higher profits.

  2. I am with you Eugene. BTW, I haven’t stepped in a Walmart in years and don’t intend to in the near future. The final straw was the Walmart closest to me expanded and put in a grocery market. Then to find out how shitty they treat their labor and how the way they bully the manufacturers I decided not to give them anymore of my money. Judging from their last few financial reports I am going to guess that they don’t miss my business.

  3. That’s pretty cool Chris. Best way to deal with companiese like Walmart is to not buy from them. Kinda like me not buying from Nike anymore, least till they improve their labour rights record.

    It’s damn sad man, the conditions that some of those workers have to endure just so that they can put food in their mouths.

  4. Yes, the big problem with Free Trade is that it is a slanted market. China may be involved in Free Trade but they are not a free country. Their working conditions are extremely poor not to mention low wages, lack of benefits, etc. etc.

    But in the end, the savings that people think they are getting at Walmart is going to cost the US their highly prized manufacturing jobs. We are quickly becoming a third world country. We ship off raw materials and get back finished goods and electronics. The trade deficit gap is getting bigger and bigger. Oh well.

  5. Hey, you lost in the election, get over it. Get your facts straight. You know nothing about the Christian faith and from what you wrote, you don’t know much about anything else. There is nothing worse than bashing something or someone that you know little about. Listening to Howard Stern or Al Franken doesn’t make you smart. Thanks for trying.

  6. #1 I didn’t write it so go email the author.

    #2 I can’t answer anything else about your comment because I am not sure who you are directing it to.

  7. Looks like you were a little touchy about the December 2nd post from “Greg”, but just like a democrat when faced with the truth about what you said, you deny it and say it must be somebody else’s fault and problem to deal with.

  8. I am an independent voter who doesn’t really care for either party although I have become anti-republican since they have sold out to the religious right.

    Greg’s comment was rambling and unclear. I have no qualms about anybody disagreeing with my views or post as long as they do so in a clear manner.

  9. It’s amazing how some people vote in the ones that helps to rip them off. I always wonder how ar you all going to pay for that HUGE deficit that the “most wise president” racked up. Somebody, please answer me on that. Who’s paying for all that???

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