Enter the Cow-orker

I think most of us can relate to this.

Welcome to my own personal diary in hell.

This site originally began as a series of occasional posts to a mailing list I’m subscribed to, generally in the immediate aftermath of an encounter with a workmate referred to here only as “the Cow-orker”. I found the posts therapeutic, while several of my fellow subscribers to the list found them entertaining. Everything you read here is based on real conversations with real people. Only the names have been changed because I’m too frightened to contemplate what my workplace would be like if the Cow-orker were to discover this site and put two and two together (even if it is highly unlikely that she’d actually get four).

All About Cannibalism

Everything you wanted to know about cannibalism, but were afraid to ask.

‘Do you people eat human bodies?’ I said one day, upon entering a native village, and pointed to a quantity of meat, spitted upon long skewers, being smoke-dried over numerous smouldering fires. ‘Io; yo te?’ was the instant reply – ‘Yes; don’t you?’ And a few minutes later the chieftain of the village came forward with an offering, which consisted of large and generous portions of flesh, only too obviously of human origin. He seemed genuinely disappointed when I refused.