Headed for Disaster?

From The Daily Reckoning:

“The Federal government has maxed out its credit card,” writes colleague, Dan Ferris. “So it’s doing what any good American would do.

“It’s getting another card.

“Congress is getting set to raise the federal debt limit $800 billion to $8.134 trillion. It cleared the Senate Wednesday night and went to the House last night. It’s thought that this will get the government through Sept. 30, 2005.”

The Clinton Administration added to federal spending at a rate of 1.5% per year. George W. Bush got out the credit card and boosted spending nearly four times as fast – an annual rate of 5.1%.

According to what we read, even if every ounce of gold ever mined had been available to it, the Federal government still wouldn’t have had enough money to cover its deficits in George W. Bush’s first term.

And the bears at the Daily Reckoning aren’t the only ones worried.

Soviet Space Battle Station


From Militaryphotos.net forum:

Soviet Union was developing laser space battle station Skif from beginning of 80’s.
Length: 37 meters
Diameter: 4.1 meter
Weight: around 80 tons
It was supposed to be launched by Energia booster (same as for Buran shuttle)
Unarmed prototype filled with scientific equipment was created around 1985 and launched 15 May 1987. It was failed to start operations and with the fall of Soviet Union project was scrapped.

The Serpent’s Wall


This site is fascinating. It is an amateurish tour through the battlefields of Kiev. There are plenty of bunkers and artifacts there even 60 years after the war and this lady has found plenty.

60 years ago a Kiev’s area witnessed ones of the most severe battles of WW2. Covered with earth from explosions the humans, arms and ammunitions was left on a battlefields.

With entering this site, you will join me and my friends for visiting a historic places of battles. We don’t take a standart trips with their boring guides, we take a shovels, detectors and plenty of water. Water because the only way to find something is to dig and when you dig, you drink, you drink a lot because once you found a relic you can’t stop digging, you know, it is real, it was there in time of a great event and you know that next item can be this special one that worth you efforts…

I just checked the rest of this site and this was the lady who went through Chernobyl on her motorcycle. She gets around.

Our Leader


Buckle your seatbelts kids. It’s gonna be a long four years.

On my way to work Wednesday morning, I looked up and saw a giant billboard with a picture of George W. Bush and the words “OUR LEADER” under it. The first thing I thought was, when was the last time I have seen a president on a billboard? What is going on? Didn’t Saddam Hussein have his picture up everywhere? What next, a statue?