Kevin Sites

Kevin Sites was present when that Iraqi POW was killed and weighs in with his account.

So here, ultimately, is how it all plays out: when the Iraqi man in the mosque posed a threat, he was your enemy; when he was subdued he was your responsibility; when he was killed in front of my eyes and my camera — the story of his death became my responsibility.

The burdens of war, as you so well know, are unforgiving for all of us.

The Hand Up Project


Helping homeless hermit crabs.

Based on what we know about the new needs of these animals in their current environment, the Hand Up Project proposes to manufacture alternative forms of housing, specifically designed for use by land hermit crabs, out of plastic. This solution offers multiple benefits. Not only will the project afford the animal badly needed additional forms of shelter, but we also contend that, by utilizing current technology, we may now be better equipped to meet the needs of this life-form than nature ever has.

I love the way the article starts out.

Right now, 30 percent of all hermit crabs on our shorelines are living in shells that are too small for them.


(via Metafilter)

Photo Gallery of Japanese Sewers


There are some interesting pictures of Japanese sewers in this gallery although I could swear that some of these are screen captures from Half Life 2. And yes, I did buy the game and played it way too much this weekend.

Since I am on the topic, I have to say that the game is wonderful and all except for the fact that everytime I start a new game it connects to Steam to verify if I have a legitimate version and not a pirated copy. So, if I don’t have an internet connection the game is worthless. I realize that software piracy is a big issue but at the same time I hate that I have bought a game and then have to go through a verification process everytime I start it.