Gallery of West Indian Art


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The islands of Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti are amongst the most beautiful and interesting in the Caribbean, each one brimming with artistic talent. For over thirty years, we have tried to share our own passion for the art of Haiti, Cuba and Jamaica with others, and we would like to invite you to peruse our selection of works by Haitian artists, Cuban artists, and Jamaican artists.

The Real Toy Story


The project was conceived in the spring of 2003 during a visit to the United States. As a surprise for my son Jasper, I bought a sack (app. 600) of second hand toys at the local goodwill store and distributed them on every available surface in his room – surprise! The effect was stunning. As we examined the toys closer we made a discovery – every single one was made in China. Jasper observed: “I thought Santa and his helpers made toys!” It was then the idea came to me: what if I was to make an installation and cover an entire wall with toys “made in China” and juxtapose them with portraits of Chinese toy-factory workers?

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The $20,000 Suitcase


Anybody who would pay $20k for a suitcase shouldn’t have that type of money to begin with.

A Henk is as different from a “wheelie” as a puma is different from a pussycat. Its materials are exotic, its engineering elegant. Each case consists of 500 separate parts (more than 22 of them moving), fashioned variously from red Italian burl, black ebony, horse hair, magnesium, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, parachute fabric and the finest leathers. Its mechanisms are smooth, ingenious. Depress an ebony button on the handle, pull up the handle, and two 6 1/4″ diameter wheels emerge noiselessly from louvered doors within the case, like landing gear emerging from an airplane.