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From CNN:

ABC affiliates pulling ‘Private Ryan’
NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – ABC affiliates in at least eight states will not televise the network’s broadcast of the World War II film “Saving Private Ryan” because they fear repercussions from U.S. regulators.

Can someone please shift this country out of reverse? Then again, what should we expect from a country founded by Puritans.

The Lost Journals of Doogie Howser, M. D.

Why did that goofy theme song start playing in my head when I started reading these?

November 17, 1989
Sometimes the best advice is in the last place you look, and by “best advice,” I mean, “my wristwatch.” And by “the last place you look,” I mean, “Mr. Cheswick’s esophagus.”

January 2, 1991
This New Year, I’m making only one resolution: to be the best doctor I can be. And if that means doing breast exams “the old-fashioned way,” then so be it.

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Famous Wrecks Worldwide


Over the past millennium, countless shipwrecks have occurred around the world. Most have been forgotten, but some became famous for a variety of reasons. Some are remembered because of the large number of lives lost, others because of their political importance at the time of sinking. Still others are famous because of their valuable cargos or historical significance. And some are well-known because they are spectacular dive sites.

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