Trump hasn’t yet released disaster unemployment funds

All three are blue states…. hmmmm.

The three states that President Donald Trump has formally declared coronavirus disaster areas have not received the disaster unemployment assistance that they expected to follow that designation.

New York, California and Washington state all requested access to several aid programs provided under a disaster declaration, including disaster unemployment assistance.

Disaster unemployment assistance allows workers who aren’t eligible for traditional unemployment benefits, like Uber drivers and other gig economy workers, to receive 26 weeks’ unemployment benefits if their job loss is attributable to a disaster that eliminates their job or keeps them from reaching their job site. To receive disaster employment assistance, a state must be declared a disaster area by the president.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which, in conjunction with the Labor Department, manages the program that disburses disaster unemployment assistance, said that “federal emergency aid has been made available” when the president issued the three “major disaster” declarations on March 20 for New York and March 22 for California and Washington state.

The Usual Horrible Idiots are Being Horrible Idiots Again

So Trump’s marching orders that the economy must go on no matter that people are sure to drive in large numbers while completely paralyzing the hospitals and healthcare system are being heeded by his usual band of deplorables. Collecting some of them here so that we won’t ever forget that the party who loves to call themselves “prolife” have no qualms letting people die if their 401k’s don’t take a hit: