Reviewer Visits One Star Restaurant on Yelp

The Washington Post sends a restaurant reviewer to see if a low rated restaurant on Yelp was as bad as the comments allege.

Pasta Italiana is a 5-year-old Woodley Park restaurant with more than 80 reviews and a one-star overall rating on Yelp. Ouch. Slams include “You would be happier with a bag of chips from the liquor store next door.” Curious if this was a case of Yelp bullying, Express asked Tim Carman, a food writer for The Washington Post, to dine at Pasta Italiana and review his experience. He graciously (and bravely) obliged, and this is his report. You can also read how Pasta Italiana’s manager feels about the restaurant’s poor Yelp reviews here. (Holley Simmons/Express)

Before digging into my plate of lobster ravioli with pink cream sauce I dug into the Yelp reviews of Pasta Italiana, a shopworn eatery in Woodley Park. The restaurant takes more hits than a tackling dummy.

You could argue that Pasta Italiana, like that tackling dummy, has been designed for abuse. The place sets itself up for a fight before you take a bite: It trumpets the word “organic” on the front door. Its wait staff may or may not, depending on whom you ask, claim the pasta is made in-house.

The place all but has a “Kick Me” sign taped to its back.

And kick it you will once the food arrives. The garlic-cream sauce draped over flabby, overcooked cheese ravioli was chunky and lukewarm; if there was garlic in the sauce, only a beagle could detect it. The gnocchi was a mountain of gluey pasta covered in a meat sauce many degrees shy of hot; the gnocchi sat on the plate, solid and immovable, as if molded from clay. The lobster ravioli came stuffed with a stringy mixture speckled with tiny dices of the advertised crustacean but tasting more like crab sticks.

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Another Drone Save Video

Today’s Feel Good Video

Our daughter, Bailey, had complete paralysis from the waist down for 11 days with no explanation as to why. This video is of one of her favorite nurses coming onto her shift and not knowing that Bailey had started walking this day.

Large-Scale Study Confirms: Still No Link Between MMR Vaccine and Autism

And this study will probably not convince a single anti-vaxxer of how wrong they are:

The study, the results of which are published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association, involved a cohort of nearly 100,000 children, and is the latest in a long line of research that shows no link between the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine and autism spectrum disorders.

Children whose older siblings have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are considered to be at higher risk of developing these conditions, themselves. The JAMA study was designed to investigate whether these high-risk children were more likely to develop an autism spectrum disorder after receiving an MMR vaccine than those with older siblings not diagnosed with ASD.

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Chef Fights $2,000 Fine for Feeding the Homeless


A Texas-based chef who was recently ticketed for feeding the homeless will soon appear in court to fight her citation. Earlier this month, chef Joan Cheever was fined $2,000 for giving away food to a line of hungry and homeless people. The Atlantic writes that Cheever has been donating meals every Tuesday night for the last 10 years at the same park in downtown San Antonio. However, last week she was given a ticket by the police. While she prepared her menu of lamb meatballs, pasta, vegetable soup, and braised greens in a commercial kitchen and had a food handler’s license, that wasn’t enough for the cops. Cheever was lacking an oddly specific permit to give away “food free of charge.”

Cheever is not alone: The Atlantic notes a number of local governments around the country are “coercing individuals and organizations to stop helping their least-well-off neighbors.” The National Coalition for the Homeless reports that 71 cities last year restricted or banned food sharing.” The Washington Post writes that last year, police in Florida busted a 90-year-old man twice in one week for feeding the homeless. Church groups say that authorities have “threatened to arrest them” if they kept trying to feed the homeless as well.

Watermelon Cake

Oh, Japan….

Inserting Contemporary Celebs Into Classic Pieces of Art

From the Tumblr, Voyage dans le temps.

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Woman with debilitating fear of public spaces ventures outside and falls down a manhole

Oh dear:

Janet Faal went out with a friend last week as part of her rehabilitation from the anxiety disorder agoraphobia.

But after moving a wooden pallet to help her friend reverse she stepped into the open manhole.

Janet banged her face, broke her nose and suffered a suspected fractured leg.

The grandmother-of-four says she has been set back ‘years’ in her battle with debilitating agoraphobia.

Janet, of Crawley, West Sussex, now reckons she may never leave the safety of her home again.

Roses on the Train

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