Chef Fights $2,000 Fine for Feeding the Homeless


A Texas-based chef who was recently ticketed for feeding the homeless will soon appear in court to fight her citation. Earlier this month, chef Joan Cheever was fined $2,000 for giving away food to a line of hungry and homeless people. The Atlantic writes that Cheever has been donating meals every Tuesday night for the last 10 years at the same park in downtown San Antonio. However, last week she was given a ticket by the police. While she prepared her menu of lamb meatballs, pasta, vegetable soup, and braised greens in a commercial kitchen and had a food handler’s license, that wasn’t enough for the cops. Cheever was lacking an oddly specific permit to give away “food free of charge.”

Cheever is not alone: The Atlantic notes a number of local governments around the country are “coercing individuals and organizations to stop helping their least-well-off neighbors.” The National Coalition for the Homeless reports that 71 cities last year restricted or banned food sharing.” The Washington Post writes that last year, police in Florida busted a 90-year-old man twice in one week for feeding the homeless. Church groups say that authorities have “threatened to arrest them” if they kept trying to feed the homeless as well.

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From the Tumblr, Voyage dans le temps.

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Woman with debilitating fear of public spaces ventures outside and falls down a manhole

Oh dear:

Janet Faal went out with a friend last week as part of her rehabilitation from the anxiety disorder agoraphobia.

But after moving a wooden pallet to help her friend reverse she stepped into the open manhole.

Janet banged her face, broke her nose and suffered a suspected fractured leg.

The grandmother-of-four says she has been set back ‘years’ in her battle with debilitating agoraphobia.

Janet, of Crawley, West Sussex, now reckons she may never leave the safety of her home again.

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Star Wars BB-8 Droid Made from a Sphero and Magnets

From Industrial Designer Christian Poulsen:

A quick one day project, I wanted to build my own functioning Star Wars droid. Using a Sphero, polyurethane foam, magnets and spray paint, I made this little guy.

Missouri Town Elects Black Female Mayor, Nearly All Police and Gov’t Officials Resign

From Mediaite:

The town of Parma, Mo., elected a black female mayor for the first time in its history, and shortly afterward, five of the six of the town’s police officers resigned.

According to KFVS, three city officials — “the city attorney, the city clerk, and the waste water treatment plant supervisor” — turned in their resignations as well. In their letters to the outgoing mayor, Randall Ramsey, they cited “safety concerns”.

Tyrus Bird, the black woman in question and the former city clerk, narrowly beat Ramsay, who held the mayorship for nearly 37 years, and said in a speech that she had no idea what these “safety concerns” were.

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