Hugh Acheson Makes Nachos Like Kris Jenner

In our first episode of Real Chefs Cook Dumb Recipes, Hugh Acheson keeps up with the Kardashians, making some of Kris Jenner’s favorite chicken nachos by Nicole Simpson from her cookbook “In The Kitchen with Kris Jenner.”

Bear and Man Spook Each Other

A Fox News Station Blurs Breasts in Picasso Paintings

Hehe. Fucktards.

As a side note, I always love when tv shows blur the middle finger of somebody who is flipping the bird on tv. OH noes! An erect digitus medius fully exposed when its neighbors ducked for cover. OBSCURE IT QUICKLY!

B.B. King – Everyday I Have The Blues (Live)

I saw him live in 1993 in Providence. Just an amazing show. And he played for almost 3 hours.

Illinois Police Officer Pepper Sprays Handcuffed Teens

The teen must not have been complying. They should also charge him for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and whatever other bullshit charge the police seem to be using nowadays to justify their behavior:

An Illinois police chief came under fire after video surfaced that appeared to show an officer in his department pepper-spraying two teens in handcuffs at police headquarters.

The Alton Board of Aldermen voted not to reappoint Chief Jason (Jake) Simmons on Wednesday, the day after KMOV aired surveillance video of the encounter in Madison County. He will retain his job though the mayor has the final say over police personnel matters, the station reported.

The video shows an Alton officer walk into a holding area where two teens sat on a bench, their hands cuffed in their laps.

Warlick appeared to speak briefly before blasting a substance at one of teens, who began twitching and stomping his feet in apparent pain.

The officer then sprayed at the other teen before walking out and shutting the door. The second boy did not appear affected by the spray.

The cop was identified as Vince Warlick by the Alton Telegraph, but police did not immediately confirm his identity.

What’s the Point?

A redditor posts a picture of a lobster topped multi-layered burger.

What’s the point of making a sandwich that is way too big to eat without dislocating your jaw?

Billy Stewart Summertime ‘Live’

One of the most original covers of a classic song I have ever heard. Mind = Blown.

Harry Shearer Leaving The Simpsons

Wait, The Simpsons is still on?

The Octobasse

(via The Presurfer)

Question of the Day

What operating system are you currently running?

I’m still on Windows 7. I’m going to have to upgrade my machine soon though because it has been slowing down dramatically over the past 6 months or so. During the blizzards this past winter, I thought I would give Minecraft a try. Couldn’t get it to run on my system. (And yes, I’m sure if I delved into it I could have found the right driver that needed updating or some type of configuration that needed changing but fuck that. I didn’t want to play the game that badly) Firefox and Chrome are not taking well to my aging machine at this point either. I guess I’ll bite the bullet and just get a new machine with Windows 10 and deal with whatever adjustments I’ll have to make over the past 3 versions of Windows. Ugh.

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