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Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe on Mass Shootings

Depressed Goat is Reunited with Burro Friend


The NRA And the Rise of Gun Nuttery

This whole article is excellent so read the whole thing but the last two paragraphs really nails it:

I used to hunt and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the hell out of it. But I wouldn’t consider attempting it now, in an age where gun-owners lump AR-15?s in with sporting guns. Where a lousy shooter can disguise his inability to shoot with an extended clip that allows him to keep shooting until he finally hits something, anything. Where hunters feel the need for silencers for God knows what reason.

The NRA has killed off the sportsman with their neglect and replaced him with the gun nut who spends more money on more guns, not out of a desire to feed his family, but to stave off a mythical jack-booted government bogeyman coming to take away those guns. This paranoid vision of America that the NRA sells is why we have the gun violence that we have today, because no sensible gun legislation can be passed because of what the father of one of Elliott Rodger’s victims described as “craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA.”

Fox News Analyst Wonders About UCSB Shooter’s “Homosexual Impulses”

There Goes the Neighborhood

Paranoid gun fetishists #BoycottChipotle because they can’t eat a Burrito without a gun


From FreakoutNation:

After Members of Open Carry Tarrant County decided to descend upon a Dallas, Texas Chipotle restaurant armed with high capacity weapons, the restaurant took a stand, so now gun fetishists plan to boycott.

In a statement released today to media, a spokesman for Chipotle said, “…we are respectfully asking that customers not bring guns into our restaurants, unless they are authorized law enforcement personnel.” The Chipotle statement went on to say that, “…because the display of firearms in our restaurants has now created an environment that is potentially intimidating or uncomfortable for many of our customers, we think it is time to make this request.”

David Lynch’s Return of the Jedi

High School Student, Teacher Applying For Same Summer Waitressing Job

Quote of the Day

Dan Savage on Trigger Warnings:

So what purpose, then, do trigger warnings serve? It seems to me that they exist not to protect the reader, but to draw attention to the writer. You’ve heard of false consciousness? Well, trigger warnings are false conscientiousness. The writer who uses trigger warnings isn’t saying, “I care about you.” The writer is saying, “Look at meeeeee.” It’s narcissism masquerading as concern.

If you want an example of trigger warnings (or content notes) taken to the extreme, take a gander over at Shakesville:

Good thing she put the content note in for Brown vs. Board of Education. I would never have guessed that we may be discussing racism or segregation based on that title alone.

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