Windows 10 Review

It actually looks pretty decent. I’ve been nursing an ancient machine that came with Windows 7 installed and have refused to upgrade because I really hated Windows 8 but I may finally give in now.

Question of the Day

Should I switch to Disqus for comments or keep the current system?

Homemade Flour Tortillas

I stopped buying store bought tortillas after seeing this video years ago. There really is a tremendous difference between store bought and fresh. It takes a few extra minutes (although most of that involves just letting the dough rest) and is so damn good.

New Mexico dispatcher told woman with dying teen to ‘deal with it’

Isn’t dealing with people who are in a state of panic about 90% of the job of an emergency dispatcher? And it’s not the dying kid’s fault that the woman attending to him hurt the emergency dispatcher’s feelings.

A New Mexico emergency dispatcher has been placed on leave after he told a woman attending to a shot and dying 17-year-old boy to “deal with it yourself” during an argument on the telephone, fire officials said on Tuesday.

Albuquerque Fire Chief David Downey said in a statement he was taking the incident seriously, and that an investigation is under way.

Firefighter Matthew Sanchez had already sent paramedics to the scene of the June 26 shooting at a house during the call when he and the caller got into an argument, fire and police officials said.

The caller told Sanchez she was doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the boy, and then Sanchez twice asked if the teenager was breathing, according to a recording of the call released by the Fire Department.

“He’s barely breathing. How many times do I have to fucking tell you?” the woman said.

“Ok, you know what ma’am?” Sanchez responded. “You could deal with it yourself. I’m not gonna deal with this, okay?”

The call then ends as the woman exclaims that the boy is dying, and she is cut-off mid-sentence.

Jimmy Kimmel on the Killing of Cecil the Lion

Key & Peele – TeachingCenter

Man Moves Car Parked in Bike Lane

Cecil The Lion: Neighbours Of Lion-Killing Dentist React

His Yelp page is getting hammered at the moment.

Today in Trump!

Donald Trump Denies Existence Of Climate Change: ‘Bad Weather’

Donald Trump Would Love ‘Special Person’ Sarah Palin On His Team

Boy Who Couldn’t Afford Books Asks Mailman For Junk Mail To Read; Mailman Responds Spectacularly

This is awesome:

Twelve-year-old Mathew Flores is a bit different from the rest of us. He loves junk mail.

Until recently, advertisements were the only reading materials available to the boy. Flores loves reading so much that he approached his mailman in a Salt Lake City suburb on Friday to ask if he could have any junk mail.

The strange question prompted the mailman, Ron Lynch, to ask why. Lynch detailed Flores’ response in a heartbreaking Facebook post afterward.

“Today while delivering mail to his apartment complex, I saw him reading ads, and then he asked me if I had any extra mail he could read,” Lynch wrote. “He told me his wish is to have books to read. I told him the library had many, but he said they don’t have a car, and couldn’t afford the bus.”

Lynch then asked his Facebook friends if they could spare some books for Flores:

“Most kids his age want electronics! It’s great to see his desire, and you should have seen him beam when I said I could help!”

“He’s counting on me,” he concluded, “so I’m counting on you!”

Lynch thought the Facebook post might bring in 50 to 6o books, he told local news outlet KSL. But his request went viral.

People from around the world, including the U.K., Australia and India, have sent books, Lynch said. Hundreds of books have been delivered to the boy’s door so far, and Flores said he was taken aback by the generosity.

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