Trump says Puerto Rico death toll inflated by Democrats: ‘3000 people did not die’

These are pretty disgusting tweets even for him. Puerto Rico was without electricity for months. I have friends in San Juan who had to spend hours in line for gas for months after to charge their phones, get fuel for generators. Fresh water and food was scarce in more rural areas. Medical facilities had no power, were overburdened, and had exhausted personnel. The aftermath of storms can be far more deadly than the storm itself. I’m so repulsed by this presidency.

A Cookbook Written by Concentration Camp Prisoners

From SBS TV:

At the Sydney Jewish Museum, in Darlinghurst, there is a handmade cookbook that is testament to how memories of beloved family dishes can sustain the spirit, if not the body. Located among other Holocaust artefacts in the concentration camps section of the museum, the slim book is no more than 15 cm x 10 cm; you could almost pass it over.

The cookbook was made in 1945 by Hungarian-Jew Edith Peer (nee Gombos) when she was an inmate at Ravensbrück concentration camp for women, located in northern Germany. The cookbook is the only object of its kind in Australia and one of six known ‘fantasy cookbooks’ written by Holocaust concentration camp prisoners in the world. In 2015, it featured in a French documentary film, Imaginary Feasts.

Barely an adult and not knowing how to scramble an egg, Peer would sit with the other women during rare moments of spare time and listen to them “eat with words” as they shared their favourite recipes. It occurred to Edith to learn to cook from these women and collect their recipes because she had every intention of surviving.