Passing the Thanksgiving This Year – What I Learned Today – Monday, November 23

Thanksgiving is cancelled this year.  At least in my house it is. Yes, I know that it kinda sucks that we lose the holiday that involves being around friends and family and eating as much food as you can possibly stuff into your gullet, but I’d rather not try to recreate the 17th century pilgrim thanksgiving/biological warfare combo. Mrs. C and I will make small turkey, roast some veggies, maybe make a dessert and have some wine. It’s 2020 after all.

Zoom is removing their 40 minute limit for free accounts for Zoomsgiving:

More than 1 million people traveled by plane in the US in one day, despite CDC COVID-19 guidelines

This past week was the deadliest week of the pandemic so far:

The CDC is warning against cruise travel and for the LIFE OF ME, I cannot figure who on Earth would actually get on a cruise during the height of a pandemic. Of course, Trump got over 70 million votes so I guess we just live in a stupid, stupid world.

Trump is distancing himself from his former legal team member Sidney Powell because… well, who knows?

HA! This made me so happy.  A German covid denier (wtf?) compares herself to a Nazi resistance fighter and the guy working security quits on the spot.

A lovely little short on extinct (or nearly extinct) public phone booth:

Big Bill Broozy plays “Hey Hey”


The website is monitoring the events of the third world nation called The United States of America, as the ruling power takes a buzzsaw to democracy in an attempt to overthrow the will of the people to keep Trump in power. Granted, they have their worst people in charge of doing the actual overthrowing so it’s not a full-throated effort, but it would basically all go away if McConnell and his ilk would say that Biden is President-elect and that Trump needs to move on and do more traditional damage like pardoning all of his friends and himself with his remaining months in power.






The GOP is a Death Cult and Spaghetti that Kills – What I Learned Today – Wednesday, November 18

Senator Sherrod Brown on wearing a mask in the Senate:

And the next day:

Why is the GOP so hellbent on killing everyone? Including their own people!

Trump fired the DHS cryptosecurity chief by tweet for the crime of, telling the truth.

During the middle of that, a two GOP members on a board of canvassers for a county in Michigan that includes Detroit, refused to certify the election results before realizing that it probably wasn’t their best interest in starting a coup and finally voted to certify. One of the board members didn’t hold back in his criticism of the two trumpets:


Trump’s legal team is doing poorly in the courts:

Not a bad record for Giuliani who asked Trump for $20,000 a day for his “work”.

It’s becoming more clear everyday that there was a massive attempt at voter fraud.  Here’s one of the perpetrators:

Even Fox News is basically telling Trump to start the transition process:

This MAGAt mom is laying into a teacher for teaching students, er, facts:

A recipe for Pasta All’Assassina:


What I Learned Today – Thursday, November 12

Always read the fine print.  Especially when you’re dealing with a known grifter: Donations under $8K to Trump ‘election defense’ instead go to president, RNC.

Mark Meadows is planning a flurry of Executive Orders during Trump’s remaining days in office.

The GOP is a party of cowardice.

A new day, a new covid record in the US:

Art restoration in Spain adds another win to their growing list:

Monkey Christ approves:


Happy Veteran’s Day! What I Learned Today – Wednesday, November 11

I hate being THAT GUY.  You know, the one who can turn a victory into a complete disaster. That guy who sees that Biden has now won by over 5 million votes, the biggest percentage of victory since FDR, will end up with 306 Electoral Votes, and still wonder how Trump will remain in office.  And I’m not quite up to THAT GUY levels yet. But I’m starting to get a bit nervous. Trump is psychotic. I don’t think he is lying about the fraudulent voting.  I think he actually believes this. He is completely divorced from reality at this point. And he is doing what has always worked for him before. Blustering, sending his legal team out to chip away, and radicalize his cult. The Republicans first started saying they were humoring him, but they have said that about every crazy whim that he has done now before ultimately backing him up with every dirty trick they can muster. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will succeed, and I don’t give them much of a chance at that either. But the damage that they can do could be catastrophic. A militia was trying to kidnap the governor of Michigan a few weeks ago. Do you think Trump shrieking that he is being cheated out of the presidency is going to calm these militia cultist types?

I guess my question is, what now? What happens if Trump keeps clinging to these wild assertions for weeks? It’s just so exhausting.


This looks bad. Somebody should have warned us that this covid thing was real and dangerous:

Ron DeSantis hired somebody for his Covid data team. The man they deemed best for the job was a covid conspiracy theorist who has ranted against masks.

Looks like the Trump Administration is too busy chasing other shiny objects (A COUP!) and has forgotten about their Tik Tok ban:

A rare early recording of Janis Joplin singing Me and Bobby McGee:

Sore Loser – What I Learned Today – Tuesday, November 10

It is Tuesday morning and we’re at the stage of the election where Trump has not only not conceded, but is sending his toadies out to sue to invalidate the results in several states.

The White House is blocking agencies from cooperating with Biden’s transition team.

U.S. Covid hospitalizations area at a record high. I haven’t heard the “flatten the curve” battle cry since at least June so I guess we have just almost completely given up now?

Madame Tussauds in Berlin has one of the best likenesses of our lame duck president yet:

This is terrifying: