1. Why are you an atheist?
Because there is no god. Or click here if you prefer a longer answer.

2. Are you interested in exchanging links with my site?
NO!! I get dozens of these requests a day and they’re annoying. Any emails asking me about link exchanges will be deleted with extreme prejudice (meaning I’ll click on the delete button extra hard with a frown).

3. Why is this blog called Cynical-C
I had a vision that a man came unto me on a flaming pie, and he said, ‘You are Cynical with a C.’ And so it is.

4. What are the those little pictures of people in the comments and how can I get one?
Those are gravatars. You can go to gravatar.com and sign up for a free account that will allow you to upload a picture and will be displayed on any blog that uses gravatars.

5. Why did you ban me from the comments?
You’re not banned. If you’ve posted three or more links, the spam filter kicks in and your comment needs to be moderated. On rare occasions, the spam filter might have mistakenly put your comment in the spam bin. Email me and I’ll fish it out.

6. No, I’m pretty sure I’ve been banned from commenting.
Oh, it’s you. Yes, you were being a bit of an asshat and being a bit too belligerent to the other commenters and/or annoying the fuck out of me.

7. Will you please stop posting about (circle as many as apply) cats, Vegas, atheism, religion, politics, videos, tiki, scifi, bacon, literature, Ingersoll, or other things that I don’t like?

No. This blog is a reflection of what I’m interested in at the moment. Comments are always open if you wish to voice your opinion on any topic. You can disagree with what I post but don’t tell me what to post.

8. I can see a small smiley face to the left of my comment. What is that?
You saw nothing!

9. There’s a typo/grammatical error/factual inaccuracy in one of your posts.
Every post has a deliberate mitsake because only the Flying Spaghetti Monster is perfect.