VOTE!!!!!!!!!! – Tuesday, November 3

You know what to do!

I’ll be posting later on today but will try to avoid the news during the day because there is not much left to do.  I’ll watch the results come in and keep a live thread running. I need a nap during the day though.  I didn’t sleep well last night.  I don’t think many people did.

Tree trunk art:

Dog doesn’t like the sound of this cough:

‘Twas the Night Before Election and Slapping Cheese Fountains – What I Learned Today – Monday, November 2

‘Twas the night before election and I wish I could give you a prediction. The thing is, I really have no clue what we’re in for over the next few days or weeks. I read a lot of news, pollsters, election experts, pundits, etc, and, really, nobody has an inkling of an idea of what will happen.  There are just too many variables with mail-in votes and Trump’s inevitable fuckery.  It looks like a lot will hinge upon how Pennsylvania goes. The polls there are fairly close with Biden clinging to a slim lead.  As to everything else, let me map out my two views of what may happen in my mind at least.

The (Extremely) Optimistic View: Trump’s constant attacks on mail-in voting over the past few weeks has backfired which mobilized a record number of early voters who went to the polls to vote in person, or drop their ballots off in dropnboxes bypassing the mail altogether. The people who sat out 2016 because they didn’t like “that woman” have realized how dangerous Trump is, especially given how he has handled the pandemic, and flock to the polls en masse to vote against him. The battleground states all break toward Biden with enough of a cushion that the major networks call the race over early Wednesday morning.  Trump cries foul, declares that there is massive voter fraud, and attempts to stop the counting of any more mail-in ballots which would only add to Biden’s lead. His lawyers and cronies try to contest votes in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and any other state where it was close. These all fizzle out in court. Trump tries some more legal wrangling that will draw out for a few more weeks before the election is certified for Biden. I won’t even guess what Trump will do with his final 3 months in office besides pardoning himself before January 20th while announcing he has partnered with OAN which is being rebranded as Trump News Network. Post-presidency, he still gives press conferences with the presidential seal and still does campaign rallies in an attempt for a 2024 comeback as he rages against immigrants as his lawyers try to fight off New York State’s subpoenas and warrants.

The Pessimistic View: Unfortunately, I only have the one optimistic view and I have about 60 pessimistic views but I’ll combine and limit them here.  Pennsylvania does not break for Biden. We wake up Wednesday morning and it is a toss up with millions of uncounted votes. The other battleground states are too close to call and also have millions of votes to count which they estimate will take them several weeks. Despite Biden being up by millions of votes nationwide, the electoral college is in shambles. Trump declares victory at 2AM on Wednesday morning and his lawyers immediately attempt to file emergency injunctions to prohibit the counting of any remaining ballots. These get overturned in the lower courts but work their way up to the Supreme Court very quickly. The Senate retains a slim majority and Mitch McConnell agrees with Trump saying “we can’t allow this election to go on for weeks.” Trump’s militias starts parading through streets with “Fuck Your Feelings” flags billowing over their assault rifles as they attempt to disrupt where the votes are being tallied. (The pessimistic view can get very dark very fast) The Supreme Court steps in and the resulting decision agrees with Trump. Millions of mail-in votes are not counted and will never be counted giving Trump slim enough margins to win the electoral college and a second term. He immediately fires Fauci, despite the fact that he really doesn’t have power to do so, and fires Christopher Wray along with anybody else who did not lick his boots enough during the campaign and replaces them all with the most fervent of sycophants. I’ll stop here before I get to the federal anti-mask mandates and micro-chipping of people who look a little immigrantish.

Being a pragmatist, I think the optimistic version is way off base. I don’t really expect to have a winner declared on Tuesday night, nor Wednesday morning.  We’ll be fortunate if we have a winner this week given the mail-in votes. I do expect Trump to declare victory at some point Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. That’s what he does.  Reality isn’t even a speed bump in his decayed and rotting brain. It really does annoy me that in order to win the Democratic nominee now has to win by an overwhelming majority while the Republican nominee, just has to lose by enough votes to cause a stink in order to win.

As always, leave your thoughts in the comments.

The Trump campaign, who seem to enjoy a good metaphor, once again left their supporters to freeze when they had no plan to shuttle them back to their cars at the end of the Moronberg Rally.

Trump is saying that he will fire Dr. Fauci if he wins a 2nd term.

Parents in Florida are suing a school board over a mask mandate. Record number of coronavirus cases burning through the US right now and we’re still having to deal with the stupidest of people who are doing everything in their power to infect others.

Dr. Fauci does not like where we are headed.

Europe is locking down because Covid-19 is ramping up again.

Stanford researchers believe that Trump rallies may have led to 30,000 covid infections and over 700 deaths. And that’s before his superspreader marathon weekend.

A metro in the Netherlands broke through an emergency stop barrier and was saved by a whale’s tail.

Some urban exploration of a McMansion owned by a former athlete which had to be abandoned because of the upkeep costs.

A man attempts putting cheese in a chocolate fountain. Does not go well:

But, there’s a moral to this story. If you have a dream, never give up.  Work as hard as possible to overcome your obstacles and the reward will be a glorious fountain of gooey cholesterol.


What I Learned Today – Thursday, October 29

Just a few quick ones today.

Yeah, what Jared and Kayleigh say here are terrible, but what really annoys me about this clip is the shock that Woodward tries to conjure up about Trump actually thinking something so horrible. I mean, Woodward literally wrote a book full of the awfulness that is Trump two years ago and he still acts like he just met the man a few weeks ago? The media has been doing this all along.  Trump says or does the worst thing imaginable, the media is shocked that he would say/do something this terrible, and then the cycle repeats the very next day.

This is a must read article discussing how Covid is spread in different situations using different measures (ie masks, ventilation) with some amazing visualizations.

Jon Ossoff murdered a guy on the teevee last night.

Sigh, Florida…..

Fork Calligraphy and Frozen Trump Supporters – What I Learned Today – Wednesday, October 28

A baseball player finds out that he has tested positive in the middle of a game and is moved away from the other players for a few innings before the team wins and Mr. Covid then decides he’s going to celebrate with the rest of the team despite carrying a terribly contagious disease. He tweeted that he feels fine though!!!!  So nothing to worry about.  It’s not as if asymptomatic carriers are the biggest spreaders or anything.

We have had half a million new cases of Covid this past week alone:

And it’s spiking elsewhere in the world. This is just terrible.

And the White House has declared one of their accomplishments was ending Covid-19:


Trump supporters left out in the cold (literally) when a Trump rally fails to have enough buses to bring supporters back to their cars after Trump left. People had to walk several miles to their cars in the cold while others were taken to the hospital.

And Trump seems to be perfectly fine with people who attempt to kidnap a governor:

Fork calligraphy!

The Skeleton Dance in 4K:

Tenacious D does the Time Warp:

VOTE!: What I Learned Today – Monday, October 26


It’s almost over. Eight days remain. So many emotions are running through me about this. First of all, part of me is just glad that all of the craziness that happens as a precursor to the election is just about over. I hate how long the Presidential election cycle is and how it is covered in the media. It’s just excruciatingly neverending. And it’s even worse when you factor in the absolutely worst person in the world who has proved again and again how much disdain he has for everybody whose name isn’t Donald Trump. I know it’s a cliche to say that this election is the most important one of our lives, but given how Trump and his crew of racist sycophants have responded to the pandemic, or more accurately, how they haven’t responded to it, I don’t see how this isn’t the most important election of our lifetime. The current numbers are the worst we have seen since the beginning of the pandemic and Trump and his ilk have completely given up at even trying to pretend that they care.

So what can we do in the home stretch?  Firstly, vote!  I voted two weeks ago. I received a vote-by-mail ballot and put it in the ballot drop box at my town hall. (Easier for me to do that than trusting the mail at this point)  But there are many options this year. Please, do early voting if you can. And if you can’t do it early, vote on November 3rd. Don’t let your vote go to waste this year. There is just too much at stake.

Ok, you voted.  EXCELLENT!  Now what can we do? Personally, I donated a few extra dollars this past weekend.  I donated to Biden/Harris and also donated to Jaime Harrison in South Carolina. I rarely donate to out of state candidates but Lindsey Graham has just been such a snake that seeing his ass booted out of the Senate would be the most fun I could possibly have without waking up with a headache the next morning. I think a lot of people don’t donate money because they feel like they have to donate a lot to make it worth it. But even just a few bucks from a lot of people make a huge difference though. I donated $15 to Harrison. (As a side note, what is annoying about donating is as soon as you do, the next email is them urging you to give more. Dudes, I just gave.  At least give me 24 hours before you try bleeding more from me.)

So we donated and voted.  Now what? Urge your friends and family to do the same. Or at the very least, get them to vote. So many people just don’t vote because they don’t think they will make a difference.

Use the comments to let us know what you have been doing, or what you intend to do to make a difference as this election cycle winds down.

The 60 Minutes interview with Trump is just a mess. Let’s put it this way, a President of the United States who is in the final weeks of his reelection bid, runs away from an interview on one of the most top rated news shows because he was asked if he could do some tough questions, and took that question as the tough question.

If we think he’s bad now, he’s going to be so much worse if he gets a 2nd term.  VOTE!

But at least he has a big binder that details his healthcare plan. Oh, wait:

The White House has given up trying to control the pandemic.

A grocery store in Dublin has a glass floor that gives shoppers a peek into some history:


Shoppers at a new Lidl store in Dublin will get a unique insight into the city’s medieval past. The remains of an 11th century house are clearly visible beneath a glass section of the floor of the store on Aungier Street in the city centre.

Debates and Haunted Book Nooks, What I Learned Today – Thursday, October 22

I’ve been a little busy with work projects but mostly have just been tuning out news for the last week or two. And it has been AMAZING. Now that we have under 2 weeks before all hell breaks loose in early November, I guess it’s time to start wading into the cesspool though.

I will be watching the debate tonight, so perhaps I’m not wading so much into the cesspool than diving in headfirst.  That’s if there is a debate. Trump has been whining about it all week and now that they have decided to cut the microphones for those who won’t stfu when it’s not their time to speak, I can see Trump doing something stupid like walking off, or going over and grabbing Joe’s microphone.  His base would love that.

Rudy Giuliani, who runs a security consulting firm, got caught on film with his hands down his pants in Borat’s new movie coming out tomorrow on Amazon Prime. Rudy says he was just tucking his shirt into his pants. And in his defense, who doesn’t thrust his shirt deep into one’s pants while lying down on a bed with a young woman hovering over you?

So Rudy likes tucking his shirt under his scrotum I guess?

Oh, America….

Oh, Amerikkka…

This is my favorite monologue of all time and this is wonderful!

The making of the Haunted Mansion Book Nook.  I can watch these videos all day.


What They Do in the Shadows et Beurre: What I Learned Today – Tuesday, October 13

I stayed away from as much news as possible over the weekend. I’m not watching any of the sham hearing on that religious nut they are going to install on the Supreme Court despite their own rules that they wielded for Merrick Garland. At the moment I’m just trying to pace myself until November 3rd, after which I’ll either be completely inconsolable or see a spark of hope. Can you imagine waking up on a random day without having to deal with the narcissist in chief screaming for attention. And he’ll be screaming for attention no matter what happens, but if he is successfully kicked out of office, his wailing will be more easily ignored.

But, I did manage to find something new that probably most of you have heard about but it had slipped beneath my radar:

A little hurt that none of you mentioned this to me, but I forgive you.

Another thing I watched this weekend and enjoyed was the Spanish Netflix film, The Platform, which doesn’t even attempt to disguise the capitalist metaphor but still makes for a compelling film:

The California Republican Party has been placing fraudulent election ballot boxes around churches and schools. For the party that complains nonstop about election fraud, it seems that they really enjoy the frauding part. Hopefully there is some jail time for those responsible for this but I’ve given up hope.

A man attacked reporters doing a segment on masks. The man was so upset that he ended up knocking himself out:

The ASSailant got away before police arrived.

How traditional french butter is made in Brittany