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Something uplifting before everything goes to hell.

Hannity Guest: Science and Data Prove Trump is ‘Most Sound-Minded Person to Ever Occupy the White House’

My favorite part of the interview:
Hannity: Liberals heads are going to explode at what you just said.
Louden: And that’s the fun part of the madness is just watching them go crazy.

Let’s take a quick look at Trump’s twitter feed to see what the most sound-minded person to ever occupy the White House is up to:

Where are the Republicans, asks former Vice President Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden campaigned at a rally for Mikie Sherrill, who is running for the N.J. 11th congress district and asked where are the Republicans in Washington.

I can answer Joe (but he knows of course.) They are there getting their tax breaks for the wealthy passed, getting their Supreme Court Justices confirmed, pushing immigrants out of the country… Yes, they are afraid of Trump’s base but they will support Trump no matter what he does now because at the end of the day, he’s going to support most of their agenda. And this is why Kavanaugh will be confirmed by a party line vote. The GOP isn’t gonna let this opportunity of getting their hands in women’s reproductive systems go just because there is a possibility that Trump could end the world with a push of the button.

Fox News Shames Actor For Working a Second Job

Fox News is a horrible propaganda channel filled with horrible people who tweet horrible stories. Like this one for example. Some jerk took a picture of actor Geoffrey Owens for having a second job between acting gigs and Fox News picked it up and ran with it. The good news is that there are a lot more decent people out on the internet than we talk about who gave him support: