Trump is Constantly Projecting

Trump is shocked that a person’s spouse could possibly give a shit about them. This is because:
1. None of Trump’s wives would actually give a shit if he was killed and just see him as wallet.
2. Trump doesn’t really care about anybody other than himself and can’t conceive of other people’s feelings.
3. All of the above.

Trump at the Prayer Breakfast


Shocking! You mean it was never really about god or morals with these evangelicals but just about gaining power by using religion as a vehicle? Also, Trump will be taking a victory lap on this until late spring.

Rush Limbaugh’s Cancer Diagnosis

I take no pleasure at all in his diagnosis of lung cancer.  I have lost too many family members and friends to this terrible disease. However, that doesn’t mean I have any sympathy for a man who fills me with complete and utter revulsion every single time he opens his racist, misogynistic, troll mouth. He’s a terrible excuse for a human being.  It’s a terrible disease.  I was kind of hoping his end would have come from accidentally swallowing and choking on that cigar tbh.