Why ISN’T Hillary saying anything, why IS she saying anything?

So, it didn’t take long for Chris Cillizza, eternal symbol of all that is rotten in American Journalism, to indulge in his Hillary Obsession – courtesy of an unkempt, sexual harassing, piece-of-shit named Harvey Weinstein. Of course, he isn’t the only one doing this but he’s as perfect a specimen of journalistic fuckery you’ll find these days, and believe me, the field was crowded with journalist fuckheads I could have chosen for my first blog post.

See, Cillizza is a special kind of awful.

Sure Harvey sexually harassed women, was given cover by Matt Damon, has been pals with Trump and Cillizza’s Daddy Jeff Zucker, but the only important thing Cillizza cares about is what Hillary has to say about this because Hillary controls dicks everywhere in the world and is ALWAYS responsible for the bad behavior of men. This is the surface explanation for Cillizza’s perverse infatuation with Hillary, I’ll touch on it again further down….

You’d think after a year of masturbating over Hillary’s emails while spectacularly being incapable of writing about how Russia slowly fucked the minds of American via their asses – with lube happily provided by the Trump campaign (allegedly) – that Chris would learn a little something about stories which are important and which are not..(Hahaha good one Ja9!)

Seriously, the important stories, you know ……..stories which matter to the republic, REALLY MATTER TO THE REPUBLIC.

But expecting responsible and good journalism from Cillizza is an expectation too far: really too far… a better bet is peace in the Middle East.  In related news, the current number of tweets from Cilliza about the expiry of CHIP remains at ZERO.  Cillizza is also determined to not write copious articles on Ivanka Trump’s use of a private email. Guess he’s had a change of heart about emails.  He also hasn’t taken down his embarrassing article on North Korea. He also continues to be employed by CNN. He also continues to exist.

But let me get more serious for a minute.

Aside from the blatant sexism inherent in every article Cillizza has ever written about Hillary, the larger point is how the Pundit Class in America makes politics worse for everybody by making us all dumber and filling our brains with dumb noise. It’s a lucrative business no doubt. So lucrative, that if a superhero came along and banished Cillizza to the depths of Mordor, Jeff Zucker will give birth to someone equally horrible to take his place.

Of course, this is not just about Hillary. It’s also about holding women to a different standard, and perhaps holding Democrats to a different standard. There are few things the supposedly “Liberal Media” likes more than causing a dust-up among Democrats. It gets headlines, it feeds bothsidism, it’s all part of the spectacle of Sports Politics Zucker enjoys where he pits pundit vs pundit while failing his audience every evening.

For Zucker, this shit is entertainment.

And this is our Curse.