Teacher Forcibly Cuts Student Hair While Singing National Anthem

What in the unholy fuck happened here?

A Visalia teacher has been arrested after an Instagram video showed her appearing to forcibly chop off at least one student’s hair while belting out the National Anthem in her classroom.

College of the Sequoias police responded Wednesday to a University Preparatory High School classroom after reports of child endangerment involving a teacher and a “pair of scissors,” said Police Chief Kevin Mizner.

Science teacher Margaret Gieszinger, 52, of Exeter, was later arrested on suspicion of felony child endangerment. Her bail was set at $100,000.

The arrest followed two videos posted to social media on Wednesday showing a student sitting in a chair at the front of the classroom as the teacher cuts off portions of the student’s hair. She then tosses the chunks of hair behind her.

The Times-Delta has seen both videos but cannot publish them at this time due to copyright concerns.

As the student attempts to get up and walk back to his desk, the teacher says, “You’re not done,” and motions him to sit back down.

The video of the incident is here.

Rudy Guiliani, Cybersecurity Expert, is Confused as to How URL’s Work

Rudy Guiliani, Trump’s attorney, cyber security advisor, and Nosferatu’s understudy, tweeted this the other day:

He missed a space and inadvertently created a hyperlink which was noticed by someone who bought the domain and put up a quick webpage:

Bwahahahaha. Brilliant! Of course, since Guiliani is on Team Trump, his response is nothing less than paranoid, batshit insanity:

And because we’re in the worst timeline possible, of course somebody who is outsmarted by his own hyperlink typo would be:

The WaPo story has some info on the person who bought the domain and won all the internet points.