Women admiring rifle in pawn shop fail to notice baby falling off counter

WTF is wrong with this country?

Video footage shows the moment two women buying a rifle failed to notice a baby falling off the shop counter.

The customers can be seen admiring the gun inside a pawn shop while the infant sits on top of the glass counter beside them.

But while they are busy talking to each other, the shop assistant behind the counter leaps forward and tries to grab the baby as it slowly topples head-first towards the ground.

Luckily store manager Bill Reel noticed the child seemed “unsteady” and raced forward to catch it just before it hit the concrete floor.

Kamala Harris Suspends Presidential Campaign

It’s too bad. She was one of my favorites (second to Warren) but it just doesn’t seem like her time this year. At least she remains a strong voice in the Senate.

Man sues friend for selling a $1.4 million game character for $500

Imagine having millions of dollars to piss away on a video game character.

A man in China took his friend to court for selling a game character he spent US$1.4 million on for just US$552.
The man filed a proceeding against his friend
and NetEase after the friend mistakenly sold off the character from the MMORPG Justice Online for just 3,888 yuan (US$552). The defendant said he was trying to sell the character back to his friend for 388,000 yuan (US$55,138), as he had been given the character to play. He attributed the typo to being dizzy from excessive gaming at the time.

But the moment the character was seen on NetEase’s in-game marketplace, it was snatched up by another buyer.