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The Grand Budapest Hotel: “How To Make a Courtesan au Chocolat”

Boston Inches Closer To Snowfall Total Record

Didn’t quite break the record last night:

BOSTON (CBS) — A little more than two inches of snow fell in Boston overnight, but it wasn’t enough to set a new record in the city.

According to the National Weather Service, as of 7 a.m. Monday, 104.1 inches of snow had fallen at Logan Airport this winter. It is still the second snowiest since weather record keeping began in 1891.

The record of 107.6 inches was set in the winter of 1995-96.

So, right now Boston is just 3.6 inches away from setting a new record.

How to Break a Cat

Home Sick

I’ve caught a bad cold. Napped quite a bit and thought I could at least binge watch some Netflix and do some blogging but Comcast is down. Ugh. 

Spock’s Advice to a Bi-Racial Girl

So awesome. RIP Mr. Nimoy.

What Colour Is This Dress? (SOLVED with SCIENCE)

I cannot unsee gold and white. I just can’t.

Epic ‘Daily Show’ Vine Captures 50 Fox News Lies in Six Seconds


We still have a few months until Jon Stewart ends his tenure as host of The Daily Show, but if Wednesday night’s episode is any indication, the comedian and his team are determined to go out in a blaze of glory. Stewart took on recent statements from some Fox News hosts that he uses “dishonest editing” and that his stories “have no foothold in the facts” by turning the spotlight on a few of the fibs that have been said on the air at that network.

Stewart hilariously challenged Fox News to a “lie-off” and ran a six-second Vine video featuring 50 mistruths that have been spoken by talking heads at Fox since 1999.

A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement

Tea Pouring Skills

It’s the end of a long week. I’m physically and mentally exhausted. So this is oddly soothing.

Republican Senator Disproves Global Warming By Throwing Snowball in the Senate


During rambling remarks Thursday afternoon, James Inhofe of Oklahoma, the chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, used a snowball as a prop on the Senate floor. The apparent purpose of this stunt: to show the recent spate of cold weather in the Northeast is a sign that human activity isn’t causing climate change.

Here’s a clip of Neil Degrasse Tyson explaining the difference between climate vs. weather:

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