Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico

I have a good friend in San Juan. She is safe but she knows some people whose neighborhoods are now flooded. They lost power around midnight and they lost water about 2 hours ago.

I’ll post more about the situation when I find more but the usual news outlets I visit don’t have much on what’s going on there at the moment.

Trump Wants Military Parade Down Pennsylvania Avenue

He wanted this for his inauguration and was told no by the military because the pavement wasn’t strong enough to handle tanks. But he doesn’t like being told no and loves big boy trucks and tanks.

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Who doesn’t love a parade? To a city that already offers many, President Donald Trump wants to add one that showcases U.S. military might.

It would take place on July 4 in Washington with, as Trump envisions it, tanks and planes rolling down and streaking above Pennsylvania Avenue.

Trump talked up the idea Monday as he sat down for talks with French President Emmanuel Macron, who hosted the president and first lady Melania Trump for France’s military parade in the center of Paris on Bastille Day in July. Trump said the two-hour procession was a “tremendous thing for France and for the spirit of France” and suggested he wants the same for Americans.

In typical Trump fashion, the president said he wants the parade to be bigger and better than the one he saw in France.