The website is monitoring the events of the third world nation called The United States of America, as the ruling power takes a buzzsaw to democracy in an attempt to overthrow the will of the people to keep Trump in power. Granted, they have their worst people in charge of doing the actual overthrowing so it’s not a full-throated effort, but it would basically all go away if McConnell and his ilk would say that Biden is President-elect and that Trump needs to move on and do more traditional damage like pardoning all of his friends and himself with his remaining months in power.






VR Furries Are Now Running Around The Four Seasons Total Landscaping


Four Seasons Total Landscaping, the Philadelphia business smack dab between a crematorium and a sex shop, is in many ways, the heart and soul of America.

It also happens to be the place where former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani and other supporters of President Donald Trump’s failed reelection campaign addressed the press after media outlets called the race for his Democratic opponent Joe Biden.

Now, it exists in VR — complete with weathered detailing and a last-minute Trump 2020 podium. And rejoicing furries.

Trump Campaign Accidentally Books Landscape Store for Giuliani Press Conference

OH MY GOD!  This is….. AMAZING.  It appears that for a VERY IMPORTANT PRESS CONFERENCE with Rudy Giuliani, the Trump campaign held it at the Four Seasons, which turned out not to be the hotel, but a random landscaping company: