Trump is Expecting to be “Re-instated” as President in August

Sigh. This is just mentally exhausting and shouldn’t be news but with the majority of Republicans going along with anything Trump says now….

Florida high school alters 80 ‘immodest’ yearbook photos of female students

Not sure why they just don’t insist on burkas for the female students at this point. Oh, this was in Florida… of course.

The school district told local media the changes were made to ensure the photos met the dress code, which says girls’ shirts must be “modest”.

But critics pointed to yearbook photos of male students left unedited despite violating the same standards.

The digital alterations were made without permission, the students say.

Bartram Trail High School’s yearbook co-ordinator – a female teacher – made the decision to edit the photos after determining they had violated the dress code, the St Johns County school district said.



Texans could carry handguns without a permit under bill headed to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk

I just can’t comprehend how anybody would think this is a good idea.

A measure long sought by conservative activists allowing Texans to carry handguns without a license is on the cusp of becoming law after the Texas Senate approved a compromise on the bill Monday, sending it to Gov. Greg Abbott.

Abbott has said he would sign the permitless carry proposal into law.

“We should have ‘constitutional carry’ in Texas,” Abbott told North Texas radio host Rick Roberts in April.