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Trump is Just Awful

The Cigar Connoisseur

The Cigar Connoisseur from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Black Friday

John Oliver breaks down the Syrian refugees’ tough vetting process to fear-mongering GOP:

Closed for the Holiday

I’ll be back in a few days. Everybody be safe! There are people out there who hate our freedoms and want to do our society great harm. But enough about Republicans.

Adele Enters an Adele Impersonator Contest

Instagram of the Day

Donald Dump spotted in New York City #streetart #streetartnews

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Thanksgiving Dinner as Interpreted by Famous Artists

From Reddit.

It’s a Blanket Wrapped Kinda Day

Armed protesters gather outside Islamic Center of Irving, Texas

If you feel the need to protest by having weapons displayed and at the ready to fire then newsflash, you’re the fucking terrorist!

About a dozen protesters — most carrying long guns, some masked and one with his mother — lined up outside an Irving mosque on Saturday. They had come from as far away as Hunt County to the green-domed complex. To “Stop the Islamization of America,” as the mother’s hand-drawn sign urged.

A pickup tooted on its way down Esters Road, not the first or last driver to endorse the message. Right behind the truck, a sedan pulled out of the Islamic Center of Irving lot, where afternoon prayers had just finished, and blasted Arabic music as it passed.

Two men on the sidewalk mocked the song, distorting foreign lyrics into gibberish as the car sped away. Then they huddled in the cold around their cigarettes, guns and flags, waiting for another passer-by to pay attention. It was a strange protest, held at a strange time in a suburb strangely relevant to America’s brand of anti-Islamic politics.

“We tried to talk to the mosque before we did this, but they wouldn’t return our messages,” said David Wright, dressed in black all the way from his backwards baseball cap to the barrel of his tactical shotgun. “So here we are.”

Wright said he organized the rally in the wake of an Islamic terrorist group’s massacre of Parisian civilians this month. Like millions of Americans, he wants to block Syrian refugees from U.S. shores, lest they replicate the attack here.

But like a fraction of those millions, he was convinced that Irving’s mosque had established the country’s first Islamic court earlier in the year—a false rumor that started online but grew in popularity after Mayor Beth Van Duyne made it the focus of speeches to Tea Party groups.

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