The Sounds of Children Crying After Being Ripped From Their Parents’ Arms Will be Trump’s Legacy

Audio of children being separated from their parents by Fascist fucks Border Patrol. This is hard to listen to, but important to realize how monstrous this Administration has become:

The desperate sobbing of 10 Central American children, separated from their parents one day last week by immigration authorities at the border, makes for excruciating listening. Many of them sound like they’re crying so hard, they can barely breathe. They scream “Mami” and “Papá” over and over again, as if those are the only words they know.

The baritone voice of a Border Patrol agent booms above the crying. “Well, we have an orchestra here,” he jokes. “What’s missing is a conductor.”

Then a distraught but determined 6-year-old Salvadoran girl pleads repeatedly for someone to call her aunt. Just one call, she begs anyone who will listen. She says she’s memorized the phone number and at one point rattles it off to a consular representative. “My mommy says that I’ll go with my aunt,” she whimpers, “and that she’ll come to pick me up there as quickly as possible.”

An audio recording obtained by ProPublica adds real-life sounds of suffering to a contentious policy debate that has so far been short on input from those with the most at stake: immigrant children. More than 2,300 of them have been separated from their parents since April, when the Trump administration launched its “zero tolerance” immigration policy, which calls for prosecuting all people who attempt to illegally enter the country and taking away the children they brought with them. More than 100 of those children are under the age of 4. The children are initially held in warehouses, tents or big box stores that have been converted into Border Patrol detention facilities.

We thought the Muslim ban was bad (and it was) when it happened, but taking children from their parents is a level few people would have so little conscience as to sink. Trump just happens to be one of those people along with the sycophants that he has employed. This is a shameful day for this nation that there are people who are defending this and trying to pass the blame on to a minority party. Trump could end this immediately but he will only double, triple, and quadruple down because that’s the kind of shitty person that he is.

I have nothing left but hatred for this monster. That’s not something I say lightly. I have disliked plenty of politicians but few of them have made me seethe in rage when I hear them talk or see a sight of them. Fuck Trump.

I had been following him on Twitter since he was elected but I unfollowed him a week or two ago. I just couldn’t deal with his daily deluges of lies, scapegoats and hysteria. People retweet him enough as it is so if he decides on a final solution to anything I’m sure it will filter to me.

Inside Casa Padre, the converted Walmart where the U.S. is holding nearly 1,500 immigrant children

It’s a prison. This is a prison. This is where we are headed as a country. And it will only get worse the longer that babyfingers is in charge.

BROWNSVILLE, Tex. — For more than a year, the old Walmart along the Mexican border here has been a mystery to those driving by on the highway. In place of the supercenter’s trademark logo hangs a curious sign: “Casa Padre.”

But behind the sliding doors is a bustling city unto itself, equipped with classrooms, recreation centers and medical examination rooms. Casa Padre now houses more than 1,400 immigrant boys in federal custody. While most are teenagers who entered the United States alone, dozens of others — often younger — were forcibly separated from their parents at the border by a new Trump administration “zero tolerance” policy.

On Wednesday evening, for the first time since that policy was announced — and amid increased national interest after a U.S. senator, Oregon Democrat Jeff Merkley, was turned away — federal authorities allowed a small group of reporters to tour the secretive shelter, the largest of its kind in the nation.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made at least $82 million in outside income last year while serving in the White House, filings show

Yet barely a peep. The thing I will never understand is how the grift is happening in plain daylight, yet nobody does anything to stop it:

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, the president’s daughter and son-in-law, brought in at least $82 million in outside income while serving as senior White House advisers during 2017, according to financial disclosure forms released Monday.

Trump earned $3.9 million from her stake in the Trump International Hotel in Washington and more than $2 million in severance from the Trump Organization, while Kushner reported over $5 million in income from Quail Ridge, a Kushner Cos. apartment complex acquired last year in Plainsboro, N.J.

The filings show how the couple are collecting immense sums from other enterprises while serving in the White House, an extraordinary income flow that ethics experts have warned could create potential conflicts of interests.

Both Kushner and Trump have given up daily oversight of their companies as they work as unpaid senior advisers to the president.

Canada parliament condemns U.S. attack on Trudeau, country simmers

We may have lost a friend with Canada but at least we gained one with the gentle Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea.

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada’s House of Commons on Monday unanimously condemned the personal attacks on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by U.S. President Donald Trump and his surrogates as the famously polite nation simmered over the weekend broadsides by its U.S. ally.

Lawmakers gave unanimous consent for a motion backing Canadian steel and aluminum, hit by U.S. tariffs, as well as the supply management system that supports key agriculture sectors, and gave a standing ovation for the government’s response to the Trump administration’s verbal attacks on Trudeau.

The Cruelty of the Trump Administration

I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about the ineptitude of this administration. But they are as cruel as they are stupid:

And those three stories are just from last night alone. The fuck is wrong with these people?