Trump is a Racist Shithole

But, we knew that already. I guess the only thing surprising about it is that we’re used to most politicians using dog whistles to imply their racism while Trump just grabs a megaphone and screams into it:

President Trump grew frustrated with lawmakers Thursday in the Oval Office when they floated restoring protections for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as part of a bipartisan immigration deal, according to two people briefed on the meeting.

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said, according to these people, referring to African countries and Haiti. He then suggested that the United States should instead bring more people from countries like Norway, whose prime minister he met Wednesday.

Trump administration opens door to let states impose Medicaid work requirements

So the health insurance given to people who are unemployed or too poor to qualify for anything else, is now steadily being taken away. Keep in mind, many people are on it because they CAN’T FIND WORK or are unable to work for a multitude of reasons.

The Trump administration issued guidance to states early Thursday that will allow them to compel people to work or prepare for jobs in order to receive Medicaid for the first time in the half-century history of this pillar of the nation’s social safety net.

The letter to state Medicaid directors opens the door for states to cut off Medicaid benefits to Americans unless they have a job, are in school, are a caregiver or participate in other approved forms of “community engagement” — an idea that some states had broached over the past several years but that the Obama administration had consistently rebuffed.

Scoop: Trump’s secret, shrinking schedule

Remember way back when Trump was thinking about offering the VP to Kasich. Allegedly the deal would be Kasich would do all of the work while Trump just gave some speeches and was the “face” of the President or however he put it. Trump has never worked a full day in his life. He just wants to show up, give a speech bragging about himself and then go watch the gorilla channel until it’s time to hit the links:

President Trump is starting his official day much later than he did in the early days of his presidency, often around 11am, and holding far fewer meetings, according to copies of his private schedule shown to Axios. This is largely to meet Trump’s demands for more “Executive Time,” which almost always means TV and Twitter time alone in the residence, officials tell us.

The schedules shown to me are different than the sanitized ones released to the media and public.

The schedule says Trump has “Executive Time” in the Oval Office every day from 8am to 11am, but the reality is he spends that time in his residence, watching TV, making phone calls and tweeting.
Trump comes down for his first meeting of the day, which is often an intelligence briefing, at 11am.
That’s far later than George W. Bush, who typically arrived in the Oval by 6:45am.
Obama worked out first thing in the morning and usually got into the Oval between 9 and 10am, according to a former senior aide.

Fire and Fury

So I just finished reading Fire and Fury and some quick thoughts about it. It feels like it was kind of rushed (and I’m not talking about the release date being moved up by a week). I caught quite a few typos and awkward sentences (I understand Wolff has a bit of a weird way of phrasing sentences but usually a good copy editor will fix some of the more confusing ones if there’s time). I think the strength of the book is in the first half where he obviously was spending a lot of time in the West Wing. It gets a bit boring in the second half. But those points aside, it’s a good, fast read and everything in the book pretty much lines up to all of the leaks and reporting that you have been privy to if you have been keeping up with this administration. The part that kind of stands out to me is how much sway Jared and Ivanka (Jarvanka) has and how completely incompetent they both are. The constant bickering between the Jarvanka faction, Bannonites and Priebus is something we have read about but Wolff is able to take us a bit more behind the scenes and put you in the midst of the struggles. There really isn’t much new in the Wolff book besides Bannon’s utter contempt for the Trump family, which was implied before but now is just out there in it’s bloated, crusty, nakedness.

Would I recommend buying the book? If you are a news junkie and have been keeping up with the day to day events, it’s a nice narrative that will keep you thinking, “oh yeah, i remembered when that happened. Holy shit, that really did happen and I wasn’t dreaming it.” Also, the longer that the book remains a best seller, the more Trump will be in pain. He is much too stupid to realize how much shit he is in with Mueller, but he instinctually knows bad press when he sees it. This book is the worst kind of press for him. That’s all he really cares about.

Gorilla Channel

I started reading this excerpt last night and it took me a long time reading it before I realized it may be satire. And it’s because EVERYTHING with Trump is believable.

I do expect the Wolff book to drive Trump even crazier. The thing that Trump hates more than anything, even more than a special counsel investigation, is somebody calling into question anything pertaining to his self image. He’s going to have a bad weekend and make us suffer for it in some way.