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Let’s not kid ourselves. These recent acts that are being caught on camera of white people calling the police or generally harassing people of color have always happened. It’s just that everybody has access to a video camera in an instant and social media.

I love the man who isn’t having anything of this pedantic racist’s shit and buys all of the candy.

And then we have these asshats:

When I first started watching the video I was so angry at the racist who is attacking an American citizen for wearing a Puerto Rican flag. (Would he be upset with someone wearing a Texas flag?) But then my anger was redirected to the cop who did absolutely nothing in helping the woman who was begging for his assistance. He even turns his back at one point.

About that Guy Who Yelled at People Speaking Spanish in Midtown NYC Earlier

Turns out he’s a lawyer who has a history of unhinged rants:

The Google reviews of his law office have gotten a lot more interesting in the past few hours:

And of course, he’s a fan of Trump:

White Woman Calls Police on Black Investor

Racists everywhere.

So I was inspecting a house that I have under contract, when the next door neighbor decides to come out and harass me. I show her my investor sign that I place in every yard before I inspect and had all documentation including contract and signed statement from the owner allowing me to enter the house. She proceeds to call the police on me anyway and asks why I don’t just get out of “her” neighborhood. Here is what happened…

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Idiot Threatens to Call ICE on Spanish Speakers in NYC

Is he new in town or something?

A white man was caught on video ranting about employees speaking Spanish to customers at a midtown Manhattan coffee shop — and threatens to call immigration officers on everyone.

The unidentified man is shown in a viral video complaining to an employee at Fresh Kitchen that he overheard workers using Spanish during an exchange with another customer.

“Your staff is speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English,” the man says.

The employee says that his co-workers sometimes do that, but the man wasn’t satisfied, and pointed wildly around the room at everyone he overheard speaking Spanish.

Actor James Woods is Still a Piece of Shit

Oh heavens. Look what our country has become!!! People walking around peacefully. And in a mall of all places. Somebody deport them before Roy Moore starts leering at their underage daughters.