Question of the Day

What are you reading?

I’m about halfway through the unabridged Robin Buss translation of The Count of Monte Cristo. Damn, that’s one hell of a book. I may have read the first part of it before but I think it was a bad translation and I gave up somewhere in the middle. I’m really enjoying this translation of it. Only about 600 pages left to go…

Before that was The Cabin at the End of the World which kept me guessing up to the end.

I’ve also been rereading some of Anthony Bourdain’s books. His writing makes me so happy but it’s still a bit too soon after his suicide for me and had to stop reading them because they were ultimately depressing me way too much. Sigh.

Question of the Day

What social media do you still use?

I still have a facebook account although I never post on it. I would delete it completely except there are a few friends that I use messenger to keep in contact. I probably use Twitter more than anything now because it is convenient and has been where I’ve been getting a lot of my news updates regarding this shithole president. I don’t mind Instagram for the pictures, Goodreads for the books and… no, that’s it.

Sometimes this shitty blog but I haven’t had the energy to update it as often as I once did.

Question of the Day

Yesterday was what was the worst social media platform. So today will be what’s your favorite social media platform to use?

My favorite would probably be blogs. Old fashioned, rss-enabled, one or handful of author blogs. The age of blogs are pretty much over. From my experience, 2010ish was when they peaked. Facebook and Twitter killed them since everybody could then post stuff to their wall and read other stuff from their “friends” walls which appear on their timelines. But I actually like going to blogs that I have learned to trust and love and getting that information by myself instead of having some algorithm spoon-feed me information they think I should read.

Outside of that, I probably find Goodreads most useful. I’m always on the lookout for good books and I’ve found so many fantastic books by paying attention to what people are reading from that app.

And I don’t mind Instagram that much. For the most part I’m following pictures of food, travel destinations and a few people I like without too much political commentary. It’s starting to get annoying since they are now putting streams of people I don’t follow which is such a Facebook thing to do (PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW! Let me decide that FB).

Question of the Day

What social media site do you hate the most?

Facebook. It’s just the worst of the worst. Twitter is a close second though. I really started disliking all of social media when they went to algorithms to choose what to display on your timelines rather then just a pure chronological format.

Question of the Day

What’s something you have given up forever?

Soda. Soda was something I drank constantly. I can’t even tell you the last time I’ve had a coke. And I’m 50lbs lighter than when I gave it up. (That’s not all soda weight though, I also stopped going to fast food places and started more exercise but that’s a different post)

Question of the Day

From Dave,

What’s your favorite vegetable?

My far, carrots. Especially sauteed but I can eat carrots raw. Least favorite by far is peas. It’s the thing that really frustrated me about eating in London. You order a wonderful plate of fish, a good pile of chips, and then a side of mashed up green peas. Guys, why do you ruin perfection?