Question of the Day

What are your favorite games to play on your phone?

I have a long commute. Sometimes, I’m too tired or not in the mood to read. So I’ve been looking for games to play that don’t involve popping bubbles. I started playing The Room which is a fun puzzle game. But also looking for other suggestions. So what are you playing on your phone?

Question of the Day

We haven’t done one of these in a long time. Let’s give it a go to escape from the news.

What’s something you have given up in the last year?
Eating mammals. Last August, I decided to start cutting my meat intake. I figured I would start with beef and pork products. I was a huge meat eater for the majority of my life. When I would go out to eat, burgers and steaks were what I looked for first on the menu. I thought I would just try to give it up for a month. I’ve been reading more about factory farming, and I was wondering if I would still eat animals if I actually had to be the one to kill them. I don’t think I could kill a pig. And definitely not a cow. So I went a month choosing either the fish or vegetable dish. Sometimes chicken. And that month went longer. It’s been over a year now since I have eaten a mammal. (There may have been some pork products I unknowingly ate since a lot of restaurants use pork in soups as flavor. New England clam chowder, I’m looking at you.)

Do I miss it? No. I don’t really crave a burger or bacon. It’s a little more tricky when looking at a menu but I’m still eating fish and chicken so ordering is not a problem. I think I would like to start limiting my chicken intake, and I have to an extent. I’m not actively trying to become a vegetarian, but as I get older I seem to be drifting that way.

Question of the Day

Who is a standup comedian who makes you laugh the most?

Bill Burr hands down for me. Every single time I start watching one of his specials on Netflix, I always end up doubled over with laughter. And he’s from a few towns over from where I live.

Question of the Day

What do you use to listen to music?

Spotify. I started to use it more over the past few months and I’m more than willing to give them my money for a premium membership. I’m listening to entire albums more than I have in years now.

Question of the Day

How did you get your pet?

I’ve had two pets my adult life. Cynikitty and Lola. Cynikitty was from a neighbor whose cat had kittens and she was giving them away. For Lola we went to a shelter. She was being fostered and every Saturday they had an event where the fostered kittens would be put up for adoption. She jumped on my back and started purring and that was the ballgame.

One thing I have noticed about the biggest difference between the two, Cynikitty loved his space and Lola loves to hang around us. I’m not sure if it’s because she may have had a few homes before reaching us or perhaps it’s just a personality thing.

Question of the Day

I’m not really big into New Year’s resolutions. I usually set goals and evaluate all during the year anyway. But people seem to love the idea of a fresh slate to start things so whatever works.

But that being said what is something new that you would like to do for the year?

I want to learn how to sketch/draw. I’ve always been horrible at sketching. To be completely honest though, I’ve never really given it much of a try. So I thought I would start working on that. I’ve been watching a few YouTube series and have a few books from the library. I’m finding it to be fairly relaxing despite having to cobble together online lessons. (But I’ve always found that to be part of the fun.)

Question of the Day

How do you predict the Donald Trump Presidency end?

I think the Mueller report will come out and be absolutely devastating. The Dems will start the impeachment process only to have it falter in the Senate where the Republicans will try this weird balancing act of distancing themselves from Trump without trying to completely turn on him. I don’t see Trump throwing in the towel. Considering he refuses to take defeat graciously, I expect him to still think he can win in 2020, where the GOP will have to decide if they are going to try to run someone against him for the primaries.

For fantasy purposes, I’d like to see the Mueller read his report live with out starting out with, at this moment, Federal agents have surrounded the White House and are taking the President into custody….