Question of the Day

What’s something you have given up forever?

Soda. Soda was something I drank constantly. I can’t even tell you the last time I’ve had a coke. And I’m 50lbs lighter than when I gave it up. (That’s not all soda weight though, I also stopped going to fast food places and started more exercise but that’s a different post)

Question of the Day

From Dave,

What’s your favorite vegetable?

My far, carrots. Especially sauteed but I can eat carrots raw. Least favorite by far is peas. It’s the thing that really frustrated me about eating in London. You order a wonderful plate of fish, a good pile of chips, and then a side of mashed up green peas. Guys, why do you ruin perfection?

Question of the Day

Thanks to Sarah for today’s QOD:

What’s the most serendipitous thing to happen to you lately?

I was in my local knitting shop and happened to overhear a new customer introduce herself to the proprietor. It was the wife of the couple we bought our house from 20+ years ago! I (re)introduced myself to her and we had a nice chat. It’s always fun to have those chance encounters.

Let me mull my answer over an afternoon walk and I’ll respond in the comments.

Question of the Day

What’s the first computer you owned?

Commodore Vic 20 baby! The Com 64 was a bit out of our price range for a keyboard that hooked up to a tv so I had to make due with the 64’s little brother, the Vic 20. I even had a tape drive for it:

Our school had just gotten the Apple II’s which were magnificent but my family wasn’t going to plop down a grand (or was it 2?) so that I could play lemonade stand on it. But the Vic 20 was amazing to a 7 year old. You could learn BASIC on it, plug a cartridge in the back and play games. I think we ended up getting a printer for it at some point but I don’t remember ever having a word processing program for it.

Good times.