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Christmas Cross

From the American Family Association:

Looking for an effective way to express your Christian faith this Christmas season to honor our Lord Jesus? Now you can…. with the “Original Christmas Cross” yard decoration.

Light up your front yard, porch, patio, driveway, business, organization or church this holiday season with a stunning Christmas cross.

This beautiful Christmas Cross is 5.5 feet tall, with 210 individual ultra bright lights.

And each order comes with a free dvd!

(Thanks Luke)

Rejuvenique: The Ultimate Facial Toning System

This is perfect for simultaneously tightening up your face while slaughtering teens at Camp Crystal Lake.

Be sure to check out the remixed video for that extra creepy punch.

(via Delicious Ghost)

Venetian Blind T-Shirt

From Ektopia.

Cowboy Hard Hats

At last…. A hard hat shaped like a cowboy hat!

Finally, a hard hat designed for the true cowboy – the perfect alternative to conventional hard hats. These hats combine the classic cowboy hat look in an ANSI-certified hat…

The ABS plastic is durable enough for rugged jobs and comes in a variety of colors. In addition, the cowboy hardhat shape provides sun and weather protection for your face, neck and ears. This western hard hat is a unique design and works great for most standard applications; however, it is not recommended for horseback riding.

High Heels for Infants

For those who can’t wait for their young girl to become a toddler to begin stripper training.

Your little one will look fabulous in these soft crib shoes designed to look like high heels! Each pair of heelarious heels is packaged in a darling purse-shaped gift box, complete with a rhinestone closure.
Leopard satin heel with black satin lining for infants size 0-6 months.

I’m currently working on a prenatal makeup kit so that your fetus will look their best for their sonogram.

(via Sociological Images)

The UroClub

Careful. It looks like a seven iron but it’s really a toilet.

This may sound like a joke, but it’s not. I am a Board Certified Urologist, practicing in Florida, a place where Golf is played year round. Every day I hear these same complaints from my patients because they suffer from urinary frequency (a condition that can begin in men, as early as their mid 30’s). Even if you don’t have this problem, let’s face it, there are not too many bathrooms on the golf course.

These are the very patients that inspired me to create the UroClubâ„¢. A camouflaged portable urinal, designed to be discrete, sanitary and create an air of privacy! It looks like an ordinary golf club and comes equipped with a unique removable golf towel clipped to the shaft that functions as a privacy shield!

(via Gizmodo)

Equation Bookshelf

‘Equation Bookshelf‘ is a simple idea of to divide things in priority order… put together the books that you need immediately or more important between (parentheses)! Set others between [square brackets] and {braces}.

(via BB Blog)

Psycho Shower Curtain

Best product based on a movie since the Godfather horsehead pillow.

(via J-Walk)

The Abduction Lamp

Abduction is a lamp for Sci-Fi fans of all ages.

A light bulb inside the metal UFO lights up the beam and the windows. The glass of the beam is frosted to distribute light in all directions.

Verizon’s Limited “Unlimited Access Plan”

From The Consumerist:

If you’ve got a wireless PC card from Verizon and are on their “Unlimited Access” plan, you might be surprised to learn what isn’t permitted. Gaming for example, is not permitted. Neither is YouTube. Or “redirecting television signals for viewing on laptops.” In fact, your unlimited access is limited to 5GB a month, which you may only use for internet browsing email and “intranet access.”

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