An iMac in every room at Fontainebleau

From Prof’s Las Vegas News Blog:

Fontainebleau on the former Wet ‘n’ Wild site on the North Strip, has teamed with Apple Computer to have an iMac in every one of their almost 4,000 rooms.

And if Apple is also behind the technology architecture behind the resort, Apple would get their feet wet right on the Vegas Strip.

Already there’s an Apple store in the Town Square, with another store planned in the Forum Shoppes at Caesars Palace.

Top 100 Essential Mac Applications


I love my Mac and I have hundreds of applications installed on it. As a result I wanted to do a post on what I believe are the top 100 Mac applications that are essential to any user. I’ve picked a variety of applications that I could think of. I have tried to go for the cheaper free option, but quite a few you have to pay for. If you think I am missing an application leave a comment with a link to the app and why you should think it should be included, it doesn’t have to be long, I just want your opinions.

Create a Mac-O-Lantern

This Halloween season, Fusebox is bringing some old computers back from the dead.

It wasn’t something we planned to do. In fact, the idea sprang from a conversation on Twitter just a couple of nights ago. I had been looking to unload a bunch of old Mac Classics (we had been collecting them for an art project that never developed). That started a Twitter conversation that soon turned into a Twitter brainstorming session. The idea of the Mac-O-Lantern was born.

Two days later, an old Mac was alive and smiling.

There’s still time to make your own. Besides a working computer and a little technical know-how (very little), all you need is three cans of spray paint and a bit of epoxy. And here’s the best part…no slimy guts to clean out!

Apple’s Mac Sales Are Surging

I switched because I didn’t want to move to Vista when it came time for a new computer.

Citing “stronger than expected iMac momentum,” as well as falling costs for the memory chips needed to make them, Citigroup analyst Richard Gardner followed on Monday, not only upping his estimate but also his 12-month price target for the stock, to $180 a share, a 20 percent premium over its current price.

In fact, many believe Apple is finally succeeding at doing what it has long failed at: convincing the bulk of personal computer users to shell out as much as twice the price of a comparable Windows-based machine for the elegant functionality—and the pure “bling”—of owning a Mac. Indeed, although the Mac has long enjoyed a cult-like following, its overall market share has only recently vaulted toward the double digits, more than tripling the paltry share it had three years ago.