Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks To Ange for this week’s beautiful kitty:

This kitty is named Luna and was adopted in Austin, TX from the Blue Cat Café. She was a rescued after Hurricane Harvey hit in Houston and put up for adoption after being transported to Austin. The Blue Cat Café is a cat adoption café where you can have lunch and hang out with kitties that are ready to go home with you.

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks to Amy for sharing pictures of her gorgeous little balls of fur from Australia:

Greetings from Australia 🙂 I have been enjoying your blog for some years now.

I got my two current masters nearly 11 years ago. The orange one is Amber and the black one is Sparky. I don’t know if these pictures will make it in time for Friday though (I get the time zones mixed up sometimes). I don’t think you choose your cats; they choose you.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your blog and I hope all is well with you in the future.


Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks for Daniela for giving us a distraction from whatever horror Trump is doing at the moment (I’m writing this up Thursday night so I’m not exactly sure what horrors are in store for us tomorrow, but I’m certain there will be horrors) with pictures of her departed furry friend, Gigi.

Cynikitty died a little over a year ago and I’m still not over losing him. I think of him often.