Friday Guest Cat Blogging

I’m traveling today and will be back early next week. Have a safe weekend everyone. If you would like me to post a picture of your cat for next Friday, send submissions to

From Maggie:

Christmas and New Year’s greetings, Chris!

Here is my submission for your guest cat series. These cats are my family of ferals. When this photo was taken, the kittens were about a year old. The mama cat [second from the left] had been coming to my house for meals for some time and then brought her babies when they were old enough to venture.

All are still with me, but now neutered and with posh outdoor shelters for crummy weather.

Thanks for your blog!

From Andrea:

This is my MIL’s cat Poo Bear. He’s a really fluffy orange and white kitty that’s getting on in his years. Recently he got hit by a car and has a piece of metal in his lower jar, so he can’t close his mouth all the way. He’s super chill.

Also from Andrea:

Sherbert lives with my MIL but was originally my husband’s cat. One day Sherbert showed up on his doorstep so he gave him a piece of ham. Sherbert decided to adopt my husband after that. He’s the kind of cat that has to stay indoors permanently because he’ll try to make friends with all the animals outside, including those that want to pick fights with him.

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

I’m going to be taking the next few days to relax which means staying away from the internet and news at all costs. I hope everybody has a safe holiday and enjoy what time we have left before January 20th because shit is about to get real.

Today’s Guest Cat Blogging is brought to you by Marnie who was awesome enough to send me in three pictures and stories of different cats. Send me an email at if you want to submit some pics for next week’s Guest Cat Blogging.

I have followed your blog for years and love it! in fact out of the hundreds of bookmarks I have accumulated over the years, Cynical C is my second ever bookmark in the history of ever. In the spirit of Christmas, here is my magnificent bastard Stevie (11 years old) with his bow! I also included another photo to show him in all his massive glory (he’s not fat! he’s big boned! lol)

This is Vinnie. Shortly after my mother passed away this little black kitten would show up in my garden to see me, he would just appear there beside me. It was like he knew I was grieving and was trying to make me smile. He kept coming back, but each time he was worse for wear, he tangled with a skunk and lost, he’d come all beat up after taking on some big cat, or full of burrs. I’d see him come, limping up like a tough gangster, so I thought Gangster Vinnie was a great name and rescued him. I brought him back to health and had a great 5 years with the little gangster until he got very sick and passed away. RIP Vinnie.

Backstory: I moved to a new neighbourhood and would see an awfully rough looking stray that would never come to me, the neighbours told me he had lived on the streets for 8 years, was terrified of humans, and no matter what I tried, he would never let me touch him.
After 2 years of trying to get this cat to let me come near him, winter was upon us once again, and it was damn cold. So I put out an insulated small house, with food and water in it hoping to coax him to it. It worked and after about three months he finally let me touch him for the first time! He came inside for the first time later that winter. The vet said he was in bad shape internally from eating rodents and trash and who knows what over the years, and that all his teeth were broken or gone, and he didn’t have long left.
Mickey lived another great year and a half, full of trips to places and love, and cuddles. The thing that makes me happiest is that he knew and felt compassion, finally.

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

It’s cold out today. Miserably cold. And I’m far behind on christmas shopping. Mrs. C’s birthday is early in December which means that by the time my job is done figuring out a fantastic birthday gift, I have to go back to the drawing board to find something for Christmas.

Have a safe and pleasant weekend. If you want me to post your cat next week, send me an email at

From Patrick:

Meet Emperor Joshua Norton II. Happy holidays!

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

I usually do this segment a week ahead of time. Mostly because readers send me cat photos while the current FGB post is at the top and then I never know how hectic the end of the week will be for me. If somebody takes the time to send me a picture for this segment then I want to make sure the post is ready to go for next week. I really do appreciate these.

Send me your cat pics to and I’ll have them ready for next week.


From Attila:

This is my mother’s cat from Hungary…

Love your blog!


From Stewart:

This is Bugalugs (ginger mongrel) who is 18 and Fredy (spotted lilac Australian Mist) who is 2.

Bugalugs is in his twilight years and a bit arthritic, Fredy keeps him company all day and helps keep him clean.

From Mike K:

My cat Jester doing his best Bill the Cat impression


Here’s my old Russian Blue, Dusty, sporting a nice weekend blep. She eats daily at 6 and 6, but knows the clock well enough to start howling exactly at the 5:00’s and if she doesn’t have her face in a bowl of food by 6:05, she will slash your elbow with a well-honed claw and make you bleed. She rules the other two cats in the house with an iron paw, they have in the past teamed up against her and come away lacking.

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Back, way back in 2010 when Trump was just President of the US in a Simpson’s joke, one of my favorite parts of blogging was Friday Guest Cat Blogging when my fellow Cynics would send in pictures of their cats. The best part of blogging for me was the interaction between readers and having people take their precious time to send in pictures of their furry friends was always something I enjoyed. I’m glad that I brought this back to the blog.

If you want to participate next week, send me a picture of your cat (or any pet really. They’re all cats on Friday) to


From Drew:

This is a stray cat we’ve been feeding for a couple of years. Thanks for the blog and happy belated Thanksgiving!

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures of their cats who are much needed for our blood pressure after the elections and the holidays. I hope those who spent the holiday with relatives who voted for Trump managed to avoid any indigestion. If you want me to post your cat next Friday, email me pics at


From Daniela:

Just want to tell you that I really enjoy your blog, and today I saw that you were looking for more cat picture for your Friday posts.

Here is a photo of my cat GiGi who passed away on July 31st. We spent 18 years together and I really miss her tremendously.


From Sarah:

This is my cat Cort. He got caught in a sunbeam and fell asleep standing up.



From Andrea:

This was Sebastian. He was a black and white shorthair that I adopted through a gal in Brooklyn who had to relocate to Seattle. I only had him for a few years before losing him to renal failure in 2009. Generally he was a pretty chill cat though sometimes if I looked at him while lying in bed he would pounce on my head for no damn reason.

I’ve had my other cat Sparkles since I got Sebastian and she’s almost 11 years old. She’s got 1 fang left from a bunch of dental surgeries and is somewhat of a nutbar. I bought her a cardboard cat house that she couldn’t fit into. She also loves to lay on the armrest of the couch like a gargoyle with her head hanging off the edge. She’s currently living on her third coastline after suffering 2 huge moves (NY to CA to TX).

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks to everybody who sent in pictures of their cats. I’ll do another round next week if I get more. Just send the pics to

From Cornjob:

Attached please find a photo of my (also) late Gromit T. Cat. I know he’s named after a Claymation dog… but when I sent a photo of him to Nick Park (the creator of Wallace & Gromit)… I received a personally written message saying that my feline was aptly named. Apparently, Gromit was originally supposed to be a mouthless cat and not a mouthless dog. Awwwwwwweeeee…. how sweet. 🙂

But anyway, here’s a photo of my late feline. Who, (like I said when CyiniKitty passed) is doing the Doctor Meow thing with G-Man and zooming around space and time, saving planets, fighting monsters, and being, well, let’s face it, pretty sort of marvelous… till we get out blue boxes and can join them.


From Sarah:

My Duncan, taking up one of the computer room chairs…”What? You want to sit down? How silly.”


From Tricia:

This is Darcy. She was about a year old when I adopted her in 2003, and she died three weeks ago. She was a great cat, petite and sassy and sweet. I miss her terribly.


From Mike K:

Like any good cat-daddy I have about a million more, but this one’s my favorite.

Moses on the left, Kiki on the right


From Amanda:

Here’s Monroe and Maximum (he’s the most cat he can be)