Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Back, way back in 2010 when Trump was just President of the US in a Simpson’s joke, one of my favorite parts of blogging was Friday Guest Cat Blogging when my fellow Cynics would send in pictures of their cats. The best part of blogging for me was the interaction between readers and having people take their precious time to send in pictures of their furry friends was always something I enjoyed. I’m glad that I brought this back to the blog.

If you want to participate next week, send me a picture of your cat (or any pet really. They’re all cats on Friday) to


From Drew:

This is a stray cat we’ve been feeding for a couple of years. Thanks for the blog and happy belated Thanksgiving!

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures of their cats who are much needed for our blood pressure after the elections and the holidays. I hope those who spent the holiday with relatives who voted for Trump managed to avoid any indigestion. If you want me to post your cat next Friday, email me pics at


From Daniela:

Just want to tell you that I really enjoy your blog, and today I saw that you were looking for more cat picture for your Friday posts.

Here is a photo of my cat GiGi who passed away on July 31st. We spent 18 years together and I really miss her tremendously.


From Sarah:

This is my cat Cort. He got caught in a sunbeam and fell asleep standing up.



From Andrea:

This was Sebastian. He was a black and white shorthair that I adopted through a gal in Brooklyn who had to relocate to Seattle. I only had him for a few years before losing him to renal failure in 2009. Generally he was a pretty chill cat though sometimes if I looked at him while lying in bed he would pounce on my head for no damn reason.

I’ve had my other cat Sparkles since I got Sebastian and she’s almost 11 years old. She’s got 1 fang left from a bunch of dental surgeries and is somewhat of a nutbar. I bought her a cardboard cat house that she couldn’t fit into. She also loves to lay on the armrest of the couch like a gargoyle with her head hanging off the edge. She’s currently living on her third coastline after suffering 2 huge moves (NY to CA to TX).

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks to everybody who sent in pictures of their cats. I’ll do another round next week if I get more. Just send the pics to

From Cornjob:

Attached please find a photo of my (also) late Gromit T. Cat. I know he’s named after a Claymation dog… but when I sent a photo of him to Nick Park (the creator of Wallace & Gromit)… I received a personally written message saying that my feline was aptly named. Apparently, Gromit was originally supposed to be a mouthless cat and not a mouthless dog. Awwwwwwweeeee…. how sweet. 🙂

But anyway, here’s a photo of my late feline. Who, (like I said when CyiniKitty passed) is doing the Doctor Meow thing with G-Man and zooming around space and time, saving planets, fighting monsters, and being, well, let’s face it, pretty sort of marvelous… till we get out blue boxes and can join them.


From Sarah:

My Duncan, taking up one of the computer room chairs…”What? You want to sit down? How silly.”


From Tricia:

This is Darcy. She was about a year old when I adopted her in 2003, and she died three weeks ago. She was a great cat, petite and sassy and sweet. I miss her terribly.


From Mike K:

Like any good cat-daddy I have about a million more, but this one’s my favorite.

Moses on the left, Kiki on the right


From Amanda:

Here’s Monroe and Maximum (he’s the most cat he can be)

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

I’m going to get away from the computer this afternoon and enjoy what is a lovely fall day (weather-wise) but will leave you guys with some beautiful cat pictures that people were kind enough to send me this morning. I’ll probably be blogging this weekend since the shock of a Trump presidency has subsided and left me filled with anger and the need to speak out.

But for now, Kitties! Any other pics sent today I’ll use for next Friday. I think we’re going to need a lot of this for the next several years.

From April:

I miss this guy so much. He was a bad boy, but he was so sweet. 🙁


From Nina:

This was our Wally, who lived to be almost 20. He had a gift for caring for people, never leaving the side of someone who was ill. If a kid was having a meltdown, Wally ignored the drama and went straight into their lap to help settle them down. He was a good traveler during our many moves all over the US. He was cool with hotels on the road, just as long as all his people were accounted for. That cat survived through blizzards, earthquakes, a tornado and more. Good mouser, too, although sans teeth in his old age we weren’t quite sure how he caught the last one. Maybe he sat on it, all 18 lbs. He was resilient, which is something I need to remember given the current situation.

Love your blog- it matters. Nina


From Leigh:

Please find attached a picture of my cat and her rejected present.




And three from Bruno:

Here’s three that belong to friends of mine, I feed them regularly when they’re gone on vacation.

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Got an email from a friend and long time commenter here about her cat Binx:

Chris, I know you haven’t done this for awhile but I was hoping you’d do a Friday guest cat blog post in Binx’s honor.

This weekend Binx passed away in my arms under the care of our vet in our home. We found out last week that he had an aggressive cancer, and it quickly took his mobility. Even though his last day was full of sadness, it was also a really nice day full of treats, snuggles, delicious mango, warm blankets, naps in the sun, and so much love.

We are so blessed to have had in him our lives for so long (19 years!). Sleep well my sweet kitty. You’ll always be a part of our family, and our hearts.