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Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Got an email from a friend and long time commenter here about her cat Binx:

Chris, I know you haven’t done this for awhile but I was hoping you’d do a Friday guest cat blog post in Binx’s honor.

This weekend Binx passed away in my arms under the care of our vet in our home. We found out last week that he had an aggressive cancer, and it quickly took his mobility. Even though his last day was full of sadness, it was also a really nice day full of treats, snuggles, delicious mango, warm blankets, naps in the sun, and so much love.

We are so blessed to have had in him our lives for so long (19 years!). Sleep well my sweet kitty. You’ll always be a part of our family, and our hearts.


Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks to Mark for today’s Kitteh.


Baby looks full after Thanksgiving dinner.


Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Hey Chris,
I love the blog, just wondering how I can get my Girlfriends cat on your blog for the guest blogger posts?
I think she would really get a kick out of it 🙂


Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks to Debbe for today’s overabundance of fur:

Just in time for Friday cat blogging, here’s my babies! My guy is a cat lover as well, so I guess he qualifies as a Crazy Cat Guy, rare as y’all are.

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Today’s lovely furball was sent in by Ariel:

I’ve been reading your blog for a couple years now, and thought I’d send in a completely unsolicited picture of my cat, Nala. She thinks Cynikitty is terribly handsome. Maybe she can be a guest cat some Friday?
Keep up the entertaining (and informative) work,

Thanks Ariel!

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks to Ninabi for today’s guest cat of honor:

Hi Chris-
I wanted to share a picture of Chief- I was wondering if he could be a guest cat on your blog.

A friendly tabby cat appeared at the doorstep of my husband’s aunt and uncle years ago. Every day, he showed up for petting, ear scratches, laps. He didn’t appear thin so they never gave him food figuring he had an owner, but they did give him lots and lots of love and attention.

They were finally able to identity of the cat’s owners, indifferent people who let the cat fend for himself outdoors in mountain lion and coyote territory.
To their surprise, found out that for years, Chief had walked two miles one way- to eat out of his bowl of dry food- then hike back, even through deep snow, to be with the people he loved.

When he was found to be suffering from a serious sinus infection, our relatives begged the owners to give Chief to them so they could get him medical attention and they finally agreed.

Chief lived a life of luxury these past 2 1/2 years, in a warm house close to the people he chose. He was old and his days of long walks were behind him.

Walking two miles every day for love over food says something about this cat.

A massive tumor was found yesterday and they are going to ease his pain today.

I still can’t believe this incredible cat made a long trip every day, for love.

Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks to Paulo for supplying the fur for today’s cat blogging:

I would first like to sincerily thank you for hosting the best blog ever.

These are pics of the two little devils me and my wife adopted; they where born in a rainy day of march, in subtropical Brazil. Fatty “Mafia Don” Chico and furry Magali are brother and sister.

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks to Mike K. for supplying today’s predatory furballs:

Here are a few submissions if you’d like to use any of them for your Friday Guest Cat Blogging theme.
I just got done fostering a litter of four kittens and their mom. Here are two of them:

Here’s my cat Moses with another one from the litter.

This is one of my other cats, Levi, with one of the babies (you’re not supposed to name them, but I cheated and named this one Valencia).

Guest Cat Blogging

From Johnny Cat:

Hey Chris,

So I moved out of my nice two story into a room in a duplex with doggies and deaf people. My cat decided to perform a vanishing act, and was gone for about 10 days. I had just about given up hope on her birthday, when she finally showed up late at night. Within 20 minutes of her return I snapped this picture of her and I, with a dying camera battery. I’m pretty happy with it, especially the inclusion of the framed portrait I have of her in the background.

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Today’s Friday Cat Blog comes from Sam, who also just shared with us her TSA story recently.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for posting the TSA story, I appreciate it.

Cynikitty has a female counterpart in my boyfriend’s cat, Midna. He’s been on me to submit her to Friday Cat Blogging.

She was rescued from a snowstorm 3 years ago and has finally realized her dream of being fat.

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