Friday Guest Cat Blogging

This little ball of joyful fur comes from Ange. And yes, please keep sending me these little rascals for Fridays. It’s always nice to see them.

Hi Chris-

Photo update of my friends’ kitten named Pants. I’m still not sure she’s gotten any bigger but she’s still so damn cute. Last time you saw her she was able to sit inside a purse. My friend said.. “she looks like she’s desperately holding onto a secret”.

Guest Friday Cat Blogging

Thanks to Ange for sending us this little bag of fur for Friday’s Cat Blogging:

Hi Chris,

This is my friends cat named Pants. The kitten followed her home one day mewing all the way, and she realized at that moment she was now a cat mom. Pants fits into purses because she’s still so tiny. I told my friend I had to meet her before she got any bigger so she brought her over to my house for my baby shower. Best present ever!


Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Sorry I haven’t been around much this week. I’ve had some adulting to do.
So I’m throwing it to Dana and Dodger to pick up the slack for my laziness:

Not a cat, but another photo of my dog, Dodger. He’s an American Staffordshire Terrier/Border Collie mix (with a little cattle dog thrown in for good measure). He’s smart, athletic, vigilant, and with me and my husband, a total goofball and lovebug. He had a rough start to life– was raised and trained in a women’s prison in Washington state. I adopted him through a shelter when he was 1.5. He’s now 7. He’s a complex dog in that he is wary of strangers, mostly children and other men. He seems to love women. But once he figures out you’re trustworthy, you are a friend FOR LIFE. He has also been given permission to bite of Trump’s tiny hands if he ever encounters him.

Sad News Thursday Guest Cat Blogging

It’s with a heavy heart that I must share this news from our friend Amanda:

Hi Chris,

This may be too sad, but I wanted to share my good boy Maximum Cat (he’s the most cat he can be). I brought him to the vet Tuesday night with what I thought was a tooth infection. It turns out it’s an aggressive cancer and he has a matter of days.

I adopted Max 11 years ago as a kitten. He is a graceless beast, who frequently got stuck behind furniture and fell down the stairs the first time her encountered them. He lived up to his name, topping out at 17 pounds, and has an absurd purr reminiscent of that frilled, poison spitting dinosaur from Jurassic Park.

Max has a lot of amazing qualities – he is good natured, laid back, and SUPER friendly. I never heard him hiss and he was always open to meeting new people. But what really makes him special was how he took to our daughter after she was born. He was her best buddy, rolling around on the floor with her, allowing her to pull his ears and tail, and crawling next to her as she learned to climb the stairs. She’s three now and knows something is wrong, but doesn’t really understand what is happening and, man, this sucks so much.

I am so lucky to have been Maximum’s person for the last eleven years. He is a magnificent basketball of a creature and makes your legs numb when he sleeps on you. I wish he wasn’t leaving us so soon, but I know that’s part of the deal when we adopt these furry jerks.

I wanted to share Maximum’s story because this sucks and I am sad and he is a handsome boy and I love him and will miss him.

Thanks for keeping the blog going and I’m sorry and understand if this is way too sad.

-Amanda (TheKeyLime)

This is terrible news. The thing to keep in mind is that in a world filled with so much suffering, Maximum has had a wonderful life filled every single day with love and care. And he is a such a gorgeous cat! I’m sorry about your friend Amanda.