Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks To Ange for this week’s beautiful kitty:

This kitty is named Luna and was adopted in Austin, TX from the Blue Cat Café. She was a rescued after Hurricane Harvey hit in Houston and put up for adoption after being transported to Austin. The Blue Cat Café is a cat adoption café where you can have lunch and hang out with kitties that are ready to go home with you.

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks to Amy for sharing pictures of her gorgeous little balls of fur from Australia:

Greetings from Australia 🙂 I have been enjoying your blog for some years now.

I got my two current masters nearly 11 years ago. The orange one is Amber and the black one is Sparky. I don’t know if these pictures will make it in time for Friday though (I get the time zones mixed up sometimes). I don’t think you choose your cats; they choose you.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your blog and I hope all is well with you in the future.


Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks for Daniela for giving us a distraction from whatever horror Trump is doing at the moment (I’m writing this up Thursday night so I’m not exactly sure what horrors are in store for us tomorrow, but I’m certain there will be horrors) with pictures of her departed furry friend, Gigi.

Cynikitty died a little over a year ago and I’m still not over losing him. I think of him often.

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

From Rob:

Hello Chris,
Thanks for your site! I have been a reader since maybe 2004/05, and you were my connection back to the States when I lived in China.

This chill fellow is Whispy, and he is the coolest cat I have ever met. He loves everyone, including the dog, who he learned a lot of mannerisms from (we got him from the pound at 12 weeks old, and the dog is his adopted mom). My son set up the picture, and please don’t judge me from the bud lime – it was leftover from a potluck.

Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

From Pat:

It’s Friday! I hope you will enjoy these photos of our two cats, Black Cat and Bad Cat.

Black Cat’s proper title is Opium Death-Blossom. Here, she creates a pleasing artistic arrangement with an oriental rug.

This is our other black cat, (Huài M?o), in a rare moment of sitting still.
I am sure he wishes you a happy lunar new year, filled with roosters.

I never owned a black cat until recently. We adopted both of them as strays from friends at different times, and by coincidence they are both black, but they are very different. She is easygoing, round, soft and shy and sedentary. He is energetic, wiry, alert, assertive, and imagines himself as quite the hunter.

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks so much to Rich for sending in a picture of his cat. This is the best thing that I’ve seen all week. (Granted, that’s not saying much considering all the news coming from DC at the moment..)

Send me an email at with your cats! (Or even if you just want to say hi).

Hi Chris,

Been a fan of your blog since the beginning (2003?) – I don’t comment all that often, but if I do, I use the screen name Oppledot. I have submitted once before when you asked people to send in their favorite coffee mug. I sent you my Marvin the Martian mug, and it was fun to see it posted!

This is Joe – he adopted me when I found him at the Humane Society in Minneapolis in 1998. He had just been weaned from his Mother. Over the years, Joe has lived in multiple locations in 2 States, been an indoor and outdoor cat, and has had so many adventures – any other cat would be very envious.

This Spring Joe will turn 19 years old (the picture was taken in 2008). He is in his twilight years for sure. His eyesight is 90% gone, if not completely, he has thinned down considerably and is the most finicky eater.

I could go on for pages about how much this guy has affected most of my adult life – he will be gravely missed when he decides that enough is enough.

Fun fact – He is polydactyl – 27 toes, making his front paws two of the best mouse-catchers I have ever seen. A true Hemingway Cat!



and Joe (AKA – Bubbles, Bubba, BeeBoo, JoeJoe, and “Ouch, that hurts when you bite my chin!!”)