Food Wishes – Tomato Tart

So lately I have started to eat more vegetarian. I’ve cut out almost all red meat and almost completely off pork. The reasoning is mostly moral. Factory farming is brutal and I’ve never loved the hypocrisy of my diet where I’m fine eating animals but probably wouldn’t be able to kill them myself. I could kill a fish and probably a chicken but there is no way I’d be able to kill a pig or a cow. Maybe it’s just as I get older, I want to try to do as little harm as possible to the environment and other species. (unless the species is orange and name rhymes with drump. Then I really don’t care, do you?)

The problem I’m having though is finding enough recipes to actually enjoy eating food without meat. This one is pretty good for a start. Especially given that it’s tomato season.

Mayonnaise Ice Cream

I love mayonnaise. I have disdain for any recipe that tries to substitute mayo with a “healthier” option. Yeah, it’s full of fat and clogs arteries but it’s soooooo good on a sandwich that it’s worth shaving a few years off of life. But THIS goes too far even for me:

The Ice Falkirk ice cream shop is no stranger to weird flavors. On their website right now, “Monster Energy” is the first flavor that pops up on their desserts page. The Scottish shop previously garnered attention with an ice cream made from Strongbow Dark Fruit hard cider. But last week, the brand went beyond the unusual into the realm of controversy when they announced a new Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise ice cream. “Who knows a mayo addict?” Ice quipped on their Instagram page alongside a photo of the polarizing product.

The Egg Cappuccino

I’m not that squeamish about raw egg yolk so I would give this a try. My wife hates egg yolk with the passion though which means that she’s not allowed anywhere near my breakfasts.

From Food 52 who gives it a try:

The drink is not without context. It’s couched in a Korean tradition from the ’60s and ’70s, drawing inspiration from a popular drink served at dabangs (coffee shops). Round K’s version is only an interpretation of the original drink which was made from instant coffee, a pinch of salt, a raw egg yolk, sesame oil, and pine nuts or walnuts. The loaded drink was intended to energize its drinkers as well as leave them feeling satiated.