The Egg Cappuccino

I’m not that squeamish about raw egg yolk so I would give this a try. My wife hates egg yolk with the passion though which means that she’s not allowed anywhere near my breakfasts.

From Food 52 who gives it a try:

The drink is not without context. It’s couched in a Korean tradition from the ’60s and ’70s, drawing inspiration from a popular drink served at dabangs (coffee shops). Round K’s version is only an interpretation of the original drink which was made from instant coffee, a pinch of salt, a raw egg yolk, sesame oil, and pine nuts or walnuts. The loaded drink was intended to energize its drinkers as well as leave them feeling satiated.

So I Tried the Serious Eats’ Halal Guy’s Counterfeit Recipe

My results pictured above. Yes, I bought a disposable aluminum cake pan to simulate their takeout dishes for posterity. My verdict is that this is a pretty damn good recipe. The rice isn’t as orange as the food cart’s but it’s still pretty flavorful and the imitation white sauce is close enough. My stamp of approval.

Next time I’ll have to try Chef John’s pita bread recipe to go along with it.