Question of the Day

Who is a standup comedian who makes you laugh the most?

Bill Burr hands down for me. Every single time I start watching one of his specials on Netflix, I always end up doubled over with laughter. And he’s from a few towns over from where I live.

Question of the Day

Is the government shutdown affecting your life?

My wife works for an airline and she has been a bit worried about security lines and air traffic controllers of course. So we are fortunate that at this point, that is the most apparent way.

Question of the Day

What are your favorite non-political blogs? They can focus on art, technology, books, food, etc.

This is completely a selfish question. My sphere of blogs have become stagnant and I’m just reading too much about Trump at the moment and need some mental sorbet.

One Week of Light Therapy

I posted about my new light therapy lamp last Friday in an attempt to combat my Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I have used it nightly for about 45 minutes. And so far I have to say, meh. Lola dislikes it and lets me know her displeasure by glaring at me with the intensity that’s only slightly less than the lamp. But she finally found out she can just put her head behind the lamp and not be so irritated.

The good part is that it brighter. This is especially nice when I’m practicing the cello and the light feels like a bright window where everything is sunny and nothing hurts.

The bad part is, I’m not sure how you quantify depression so I’m really not sure if it is much help. I’ll keep going to see how it does but I was was pretty down the last two days. So, I guess I’ll give it more of a try.

Question of the Day

What do you use to listen to music?

Spotify. I started to use it more over the past few months and I’m more than willing to give them my money for a premium membership. I’m listening to entire albums more than I have in years now.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, aka, SAD (which is an acronym that annoys me because the fucker who came up with it was probably high fiving someone for being clever). I’ve never been clinically diagnosed but every year, like clock work, come January I become morose by evening, just wanting to lie in bed, read and be left alone. Last year I tried taking extra vitamin D which didn’t really do too much. People have been telling me about trying light therapy where you put a bright light (10,000lux) on your desk or wherever to increase your serotonin levels. So, this just came in today:

A verilux compact happy light.

This is not an endorsement because I literally just turned it on and placed it on my desk. I’ll give you an update in a week or two. So far the only thing it has done has made me feel like a moth. My wife’s response was, “That’s bright!!!” Yes. Yes it is.

Question of the Day

How do you predict the Donald Trump Presidency end?

I think the Mueller report will come out and be absolutely devastating. The Dems will start the impeachment process only to have it falter in the Senate where the Republicans will try this weird balancing act of distancing themselves from Trump without trying to completely turn on him. I don’t see Trump throwing in the towel. Considering he refuses to take defeat graciously, I expect him to still think he can win in 2020, where the GOP will have to decide if they are going to try to run someone against him for the primaries.

For fantasy purposes, I’d like to see the Mueller read his report live with out starting out with, at this moment, Federal agents have surrounded the White House and are taking the President into custody….