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Woman Angered by Bad Taco Bell Wi-Fi Allegedly Pulls Knife on Teens

From Gawker:

A woman angered by a poor internet connection was arrested on Thursday after police say she threatened a group of teens with a knife outside an Oklahoma Taco Bell, KOKI-TV reports.

According to Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King, 48-year-old Amber Henson initially became upset because the restaurant’s Wi-Fi wasn’t working, but soon directed her fury at a group of teen boys.

“The boys were kind of in the way of the drink fountain and she had to squeeze through them to get her drink,” King told the Tahlequah Daily Press, “and she got agitated and spilled her drink on one of them.”

Henson was then reportedly kicked out of the restaurant and waited outside “glaring” through the window.

St. Louis Archbishop Says He Didn’t Know It Was Illegal For Priests To Have Sex With Kids

From Church and State:

An archbishop from St. Louis testified last month that he “wasn’t sure” if he knew it was illegal for priests to have sex with children.

Robert Carlson, now a 69-year-old archbishop in St. Louis but formerly an auxiliary bishop in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, gave a deposition last month for a lawsuit that claims the Minnesota Archdiocese and the Diocese of Winona caused a “public nuisance” by not disclosing information on abusive priests, the MPR news first reported.

Carlson additionally faces a clergy abuse lawsuit as part of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, where more than 100 priests and church employees have been accused of sexual abuse, the St. Louis Dispatch reports. Carlson has served as archbishop there since 2009.

Man Steals £1000 From Tattoo Shop, Gets Jesus Tattoo There, Skips Out Without Paying

From Luton Today:

A tattooist at RedINC Luton was stunned when the ‘customer’ claimed he had already paid another member of staff for the work and then used the confusion to skip out on a £250 bill.

CCTV footage seems to show that an hour before that the man took advantage of the tattooist locking up a back door to steal £1,000 from the front counter– which he stuffed into his jeans before sitting down to get his artwork finished. Remarkably the man already had a tattoo of praying hands on his other arm, which was inscribed with ‘Only God can judge me’.

(via Arbroath)

High Speed Chase Ends With Civilians Apprehending Suspect

After he smashes into their cars:

News anchors in Texas were left absolutely stunned while covering a car chase on Wednesday afternoon.

KXAS-TV’s helicopter was following a robbery suspect in Dallas who was attempting to flee the scene in an allegedly stolen white Dodge Challenger. When the car suddenly crashed into two others, the suspect tried to get out of the car — but to little avail, as passengers from those vehicles stormed out and angrily confronted the suspect. They appeared to be yelling at him as he was stumbling to get out of the car.

Teen Charged With Murder After Taking Selfie With Victim’s Corpse

From Engadget:

In what’s probably the most extreme look at selfie culture yet, a Pittsburgh teen has been charged with murder after allegedly shooting a classmate and then taking a selfie with the corpse. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 16-year-old Maxwell Marion Morton sent the incriminating photo to a friend via Snapchat, who ended up taking a screenshot before it was automatically deleted. Morton also reportedly sent several texts that incriminated him further. He’s now being charged as an adult after confessing to the police following a search of his home.

Indiana Couple Arrested After Filming Baby Putting Gun in Mouth

From The Guardian which has the disturbing video:

Police in Evansville, Indiana, arrested the the mother of a one-year-old baby and her boyfriend after they discovered a video of the child playing with a 40-caliber handgun, police said in a statement.

Police found the video on a cellphone owned by Michael Barnes, a 19-year-old robbery suspect who was arrested on Thursday night after selling a handgun to an undercover officer. Police said they searched Barnes’ phone after his arrest and found the video, which shows the child playing with the weapon. The boy is seen putting the muzzle in his mouth as Barnes instructs the child to say “pow”.

Police said they determined that Barnes’ girlfriend, Toni Wilson, 22, was present while Barnes filmed the boy playing with the gun. Police said that when they questioned the woman on Friday, she claimed the weapon shown in the video was a pellet gun.

Zimmerman Arrested Again on Domestic Violence Charges

Anybody surprised?

SANFORD — A Seminole County judge has set $5,000 bond for George Zimmerman, who was arrested Friday night in Lake Mary.

The 31-year-old was booked around 9:45 p.m. for aggravated assault — domestic violence with a weapon. According to Don West, Zimmerman’s attorney, his client threw a wine bottle during the incident.

Zimmerman is prohibited from contacting the victim, returning to her home or entering Volusia County. He must surrender all firearms by Tuesday, but will not have to wear a GPS monitoring device.

He is due back in court at 1:30 p.m. Feb. 17 in front of Judge Donna McIntosh.

This was Zimmerman’s third arrest in recent years.


I binge-listened to Serial, the podcast that was spun off of This American Life over the holiday break and found it absolutely riveting. The only bad part about having to play catch up on a series that is over and had such a following is that you have to tip toe the internet spoiler minefield and quickly close out of any links that even mention it. Once I did finish it, I found that not everybody was pleased with it.

Housekeeper Who Stole a Bag of Frozen Meatballs Facing As Much Jail Time As Steubenville Rapist

From Alternet:

A housekeeper at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point is facing two years in jail for allegedly stealing a bag of meatballs. Estelle Casimir, 56, who had been working for West Point’s food service company, Watson Services, for 28 years, was purportedly seen carrying the bag in an area where she doesn’t work. According to an affidavit, when supervisors approached Casimir and questioned her about the bag she was carrying, she told them she was throwing it in the garbage. Casimir was reportedly only responsible for cleaning the latrines in the mess hall, not disposing of food, and according to supervisors, could have thrown the bag in a closer garbage instead of the downstairs dumpster she said she was headed to.

McDonalds Monopoly Fraud

From Wikipedia:

In 2000, the US promotion was halted after fraud was uncovered. A subcontracting company called Simon Marketing (a then-subsidiary of Cyrk), which had been hired by McDonald’s to organize and promote the game, failed to recognize a flaw in its procedures, and the chief of security, Jerome P. Jacobson,[1] was able to remove the “most expensive” game pieces, which he then passed to associates who would redeem them and share the proceeds. The associates “won” almost all of the top prizes between 1995 and 2000, including McDonald’s giveaways that did not have the Monopoly theme. The associates “netted” over $24 million. The scheme was uncovered when one of the participants informed the Federal Bureau of Investigation on its ringleaders. While the fraud was perpetrated without McDonald’s knowledge, the McDonald’s Corporation voluntarily attempted to rectify the situation by issuing payouts to new (legitimate) winners, awarding five $1 million annuity prizes, and fifty $100,000 prizes over a five-day period.

(via Reddit)

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