RIP Mr. Dixie (2003 – 2007)

My sister and her husband had to have their cat, Mr. Dixie, put to sleep last Friday. It seems that he had kidney failure although nobody is really positive on how that could have happened since it is unlikely that he got into anything poisonous and he was never fed any of the recalled cat food. He was an extremely sweet and friendly cat and I’m sorry that he died so young.

Thursday Cat Blogging Travel Edition

Cynikitty two years ago

I’ll be travelling the next few days (Off to Miami to visit Mrs. C’s family) and I don’t intend to do any posting while I’m gone. No posting. Not one post. Seriously! Aren’t bloggers allowed some vacation time?

Cynikitty is in charge of Two O’Clock trailers and the Daily Dose of Ingersoll and I’m sure he’ll do a terrific job. (I’ve connected the wordpress panel to his mechanical feeding bowl. Expect a lot of posts!)

I’ll be back Tuesday so everybody play nice and have a good weekend.